Bali is known as an enchanting island paradise with gorgeous beaches and islands and a wealth of culture and heritage. But amidst the opulent luxury villas, vibrant nightlife, hidden beaches, and incredible natural wonders lies a burgeoning wine scene that makes the island poised to become a premier destination for wine connoisseurs and curious travelers.

In this article, you’ll discover Bali’s top wineries, wine shops, and a list of local vineyards’ most famous and luxurious bottles. Aside from exploring Bali’s thrilling island activities, experience its unique winery tours and include them in your must-dos on your next visit.

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Bali’s Top Wineries

Immerse yourself in an indulgent winery tour, where you get to unravel the bustling winery scene of Bali. An exciting addition to your itinerary, learn about the island’s innovative and meticulous wine production industry as you taste unique concoctions amidst picturesque settings.

Hatten Winery

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First on our list is Hatten Winery, the company that started it all on the island. Founded in 1994, it is an award-winning brand located in North Bali. It boasts an exciting range of international and local grapes, resulting in unique tropical flavors while featuring traditional offerings such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cantine Balita Winery

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Cantine Balita Winery is a boutique Balinese winery dedicated to Italian-style wines. Offering one of the most popular brands in Bali (Isola), a tour around this winery gets you to discover the unique blend of Italian and Balinese wine culture and tradition.

Sababay Winery

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Located in Saba Bay, Gainyar, Sababay is known for being committed to sustainability and community involvement. An eco-conscious traveler’s choice of winery in Bali, get to discover how a company that uses local grapes has been practicing fair trade and producing top-quality wines on the island since 2010.

Bali’s Top Wine Retailers

For travelers who want to find the best places to find the best beers, wines, and spirits on the island, these are the top wine retailers that offer top selections from both local and international brands:

1. Winehouse Bali

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Winehouse Bali is more than just a retailer in Badung; it’s a wine bar that features an extensive collection of the most exquisite brands on the island. With knowledgeable and helpful staff and a beautiful ambiance, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass or bottle of your favorite beverages.

2. Red & White Bali

Photo: Red & White

Red and White Bali is a wine shop in Bali that has over 80 branches all over Indonesia. Dubbed as the country’s leading retailer of wine and spirits, get to discover a rich collection of brands that range from the most popular to the most exquisite local wines you can find.

3. Bottle Avenue Bali

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With over ten branches found on the island, Bottle Avenue Bali is a small shop offering beers, wines, and spirits. With a more intimate setting than Red and White Bali, it is a great spot to find local and international wine brands.

4. Vin+ Seminyak

Photo: The Bali Bible

For those who want the most extensive selection, Vin+ Seminyak is your go-to. They offer over 250 wine styles with over 18,000 brands, giving you the best options for all your wine needs and much more.

Bali’s Most Luxurious Wines

Before you begin your journey to experience Bali’s wine country or visit local retailers to get your hands on the island’s best wine brands, we’ll introduce you to the five most luxurious local wines you need to try.

1. Hatten Wines

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Of course, the first on our list again is Hatten Wines, whose award-winning concoctions have put Bali on the map for connoisseurs. With innovative flavors, experience the unique tastes of Bali’s unique tropical terroir and the company’s meticulous approach to creating some of the most luxurious wines you will ever indulge in.

2. Plaga Wine


Plaga Wine is owned by a company considered one of the country’s most prominent wine importers. They use state-of-the-art equipment with an impressive selection process, leading the brand to produce some of Bali’s most exquisite Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and other varieties that are often served with delectable Balinese dishes at top luxury restaurants.

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3. Two Islands

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Hatten Wines is also behind this notable wine brand. It produces Australian wines from its Sanar winery. Founded in 2007, its most popular wines are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

4. Sababay Wines

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Of course, Sababay wines are included in this list. Aside from their deep commitment to practicing fair trade and sustainability, their Moscato and French-style wines are some of the most popular from the island.

5. Isola (Cantine Balita)

Photo: Cantine Balita

As mentioned earlier, Cantine Balita produces Isola wines, which are considered the perfect fusion of Italian and Balinese flavors. Creating unique offerings from grapes flourishing in Bali’s volcanic landscape, Isola is a must-try for any wine connoisseur or novice.

Final Thoughts

Unbeknownst to many, Bali is more than just a tropical destination for its sun, sand, surf, and amazing spots. Its booming wine industry makes it the perfect addition to your itinerary on your next Balinese holiday.

Enjoy Northern Bali’s picturesque vineyards as you discover the island’s rich heritage of liquor-making and get a taste of the unique flavors that come from the spoils of the island’s fertile soils.

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