Bali is a paradise for all water sports lovers. It has perfect waves for surfing, excellent wind for windsurfing and stunning sea creatures and coral reefs to dive or snorkel to explore them. The possible water activities on Bali island are endless, however; there are some water sports to-do-list that you cannot miss, and here are our top 10 recommendations in no particular order. The water activities listed may depend on the weather condition in Bali.

#1 Snorkelling

Featuring a  rich and diverse marine ecosystem, Bali is a fantastic choice for those wanting to experience the incredible world beneath the waves. The island is home to several world class snorkelling sites serviced by many dive centres and operators. Options that a visitor has are endless. From a brief beach activity to a full day experience, as a solo traveler or as a family.

One does not have to be an excellent swimmer to make the most of the experience. Depending on where you choose to snorkel you can expect to be amazed by shoals of lionfish, glittering neon damsels, clown triggerfish and even the surprising puffer fish.

#2 Diving

Bali is ranked amongst the world’s best dive locations. Legendary sites like the wreck of the USAT Liberty, Kubu, Nusa Penida and Menjangan Island await for your exploration. Visitors will find no shortage of PADI approved dive centres that cater for the first time divers and seasoned divers alike. Swim with manta rays, explore the coral reefs and flit amongst the teeming aquatic life, sound like a dream comes true. Click here to see the best scuba dive sites around Bali.

#3 Kayaking

Visitors can choose between river kayaking and ocean kayaking when visiting Bali. River kayaking is for the adventure seeker. Barrelling down the rapids or the rushing Ayung River will get the adrenaline pumping. A thrilling adventure which won’t be easily forgotten.

Ocean kayaking gives you the opportunity to experience the serene, tranquil and peaceful atmosphere atop the beautiful seas. Stop at any Bali’s pristine white sand beaches along the way for picnics or just to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

#4 Seawalking

Walk along the bottom of the ocean amongst the marine life without even getting your hair wet, will be such a great experience to be able to walk among the sea creatures.  The specially designed helmets will allow you to go down a distance of about 15 feet without needing dive certification or a dive tank.

#5 Parasailing

Words cannot adequately capture the magic of parasailing in Bali. Suspended 100 meters in the air by a parachute while being pulled forwards by a speedboat is truly magnificent. The panoramic views from up there are remarkable. The parasailing operators are highly trained in safety and will guide you through the entire process.

#6 Standup Paddling (SUP)

This is a real fun activity for the whole family. Whether you’re playfully gliding on flat waters or catching mega waves, there won’t be a dull moment. Immerse your whole body in the experience and you’ll soon find yourself quickly navigating the waters in a spectacular fashion.

#7 Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Bali is often used as a location for international windsurfing competitions. Just about any place where there’s windsurfing, there’s kitesurfing. The conditions are perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. A wide range of boards and kites are available to hire to cater for all needs, from the fast high paced adrenaline junkie to the first timer just looking for a fun experience.

#8 Jet Ski

Bali is home to dozens of accredited jet ski operators with the beautiful beaches and shimmering oceans, making it a perfect backdrop. If you’re new and unsure, a professional rider will accompany you on your first ride until you get the hang of it.

#9 Banana Boat

This activity is best done as a group or a family. A boat shaped like a banana is pulled, at high speeds, by a speedboat. All you have to do is hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Every dip bounces the banana boat will elicit giggles and screams from your party as you all try to hang on. At the end of the ride, you can request to be dunked, a very refreshing experience indeed.

#10 Surfing

Bali is the world’s greatest surfing destination. The island gets the full force of the southern ocean swells and making it a beautiful paradise for novice and professional surfers alike. The beaches are littered with hundreds of boards for hire and a vast number of trainers and guides. For experts looking for an uncrowded perfect break, tune into the local surf scene and before long you’ll be in surf heaven. If you know where to surf, see our post of Top 10 Best Surfing Spots in Bali.