Imagine an achingly beautiful tropical beach on a paradise island. Picture a stunning green mountainous landscape and iconic paddy fields, incredible culture, and a mesmerizing spirituality that inspires.

Open your eyes to the ultimate vacation and take just a few moments to check out this amazing video journey through the wonder of Bali. In less than three minutes, you’ll be booking your flight and packing your bags, because there’s something unfathomably special about this Southeast Asian isle. Prepare to be beguiled and seduced. Discover Bali and explore its natural beauty.

Bali is famed for its glorious beaches; marine playgrounds where you can lounge on the soft sands, with white stretches in the south of the island at lovely Kuta Beach as well as Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu. Black volcanic shores shine at Seminyak and Canggu and the eastern beaches at Tulamben and Kubu. Sands fringe world-class dive sites and surfing destinations. Bali vacations are all about the beachside lifestyle and are truly a surfer’s paradise.

Rural adventures take you on unforgettable experiences such as Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the heartland of artsy Ubud; a nature reserve and Hindu temple complex with stone sculptures in a jungle landscape creating an other-worldly feel.

From Bali’s gourmet dining to the friendly people; from picturesque rice fields, waterfalls, and outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing to beautiful boutiques and nightlife hotspots, Bali’s got it all.

The island’s rich heritage reveals the timeless quality of tradition with festivals, religious rituals, and celebrations as well as magnificent sights such as the clifftop Uluwatu Temple.

As the sun sets on an idyllic day in Bali, the essence of this vacation beauty works its magic with every part of you feeling relaxed, reenergized and ultimately renewed. Bali is beckoning.