Bali can offer something for every traveler. A holiday on the island promises an eclectic mix of experiences: adventure and relaxation, socializing and spiritualism, breath-taking natural surroundings, and opulent luxury accommodations. Here are ten reasons why Bali should be your next destination:

1. A Wide Array of Beaches

Bali is considered by many travelers and holidaymakers as one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches. Bali has its own unique attractions and holiday vibes. In Seminyak, for example, travelers can enjoy five-star resort accommodation, access to elegant beach clubs, convenient boutique shopping and exquisite fine dining – and all of these come with the superb view of the ocean. Kuta Beach, on the other hand, is known for its lively beachfront nightlife. Younger tourists flock this place to mix and mingle with each other. However, people who are more interested in the natural setting and desire a peaceful holiday, are inclined to choose the quieter beaches of the east coast such as Candidasa. Adventure seekers are obviously attracted to beaches such as Tanjung Benoa where they can enjoy a broad range of watersports including parasailing, jet skiing, and sea kayaking.

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2. Great Breakers for Surfers

The Southern Ocean swells which Bali receives making it a popular destination choice for surfers. From April to November waves are consistently high (up to 12 feet), and the waters are warm. The varied beaches of Bali can accommodate all levels of surfers – from absolute beginners to professional and seasoned surfers. People who have never surfed before but are keen to try can take lessons in the gentle, sandy breaks at Legian and Kuta. Experienced surfers, on the other hand, would prefer a more challenging playground that they can find further down the south coast and to the Bukit Peninsula. Uluwatu is one of the most sought after surf breaks in the world and is renowned for its world-class waves and the breath-taking scenery of towering cliffs and ancient temples.

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3. The Rich Culture

Bali takes pride in its own bright and vibrant culture. The Bali Aga – the original inhabitants, and later influences from the Javanese Hindu Empire are evident in the structures and the local scenery, providing travelers with the chance to enjoy unique cultural experiences. The Bali Aga villages, mainly in the eastern region of Karangasem, managed to preserve their traditional way of life which has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Respectful and courteous travelers are able to catch a glimpse of these villages and get the chance to see their cultural arts and crafts. On the tourist beaches of Bali, visitors can also experience a taste of Balinese Hindu culture via shadow puppet shows of the famous Wayang Kulits, fire dances, and many other unique dance programs regularly performed for tourists.

4. The Ancient Temples and Ruins

Bali’s nine directional temples as well as other ancient temples are famous for their intricate architecture and rich spiritual history. Bali is said to have up to 10,000 ancient temples and shrines which means travelers have plenty of options to visit. Two temples that exemplify Bali’s architecture and spiritual lineage are Uluwatu Temple. It is nestled on a cliff facing the south of Bali and exuded a mysterious atmosphere and offers breathtaking sunset views. While Tanah Lot, which is near Beraban Village on the west coast of Bali, residing on a rocky island, lashed by waves and offering a fascinating view from the beach.

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5. The Impressive Volcanic Mountain

In Bali’s atmospheric and ethereal interior stands the Kintamani Volcano and Mount Batur. Travelers visiting these places can enjoy spectacular views of the volcanic caldera and crater lakes while sipping a refreshing drink in one of the cafes of Penelokan Village found on the crater rim. More adventurous travelers can try the hiking trails on the volcano and witness impressive views from vantage points almost touching the clouds.

6. The Diversity of Nature

Bali’s natural environment offers everything from rolling rice paddy terraces to breath-taking volcanoes, to the idyllic tropical ocean and white sand beaches. In Ubud, the ancient ruins seem to seamlessly integrate with the lush green rice paddies that roll down the rich green valleys. High in the mountains, volcanic calderas make for exciting hikes. On the island’s west coast, white sands are fringed with palm trees and jungle, and on the east coast the black sand and rocky outcrops blend well. Visitors enjoying an extended stay are able to experience the full array of the island’s natural scenes.

7. The Abundance of Festivities and Events

Whatever time of year they visit, travelers are likely to catch at least one of Bali’s vibrant festivals or events. In Denpasar, in June each year, the Bali Arts Festival showcases a mix of traditional and modern arts, crafts and cultural and artistic performances. During the windy season between June and August, traditional Balinese kites take to the skies all over the island for the famous Bali Kites Festival. Many other spiritual and religious festivals take place in the temples and villages throughout the Balinese calendar.

8. The Black Beach

The beaches of East Bali lie in the shadow of Mount Agung features unique volcanic black sand and fascinating rock formations. Mount Agung’s last big eruption was in 1963 when lava and rocks were flung onto the land and the beaches, destroying homes and crops. The area is now sparsely populated giving travelers the chance to explore the rugged and breathtaking environment and see the havoc that Mother Nature wreaked on the place.

9. The Dolphins

At Lovina Beach, on Bali’s east coast, travelers can take a guided tour to see the dolphins that frequent Bali’s waters. All year-round, visitors can charter a traditional wooden Jakung and set out for exhilarating glimpses of the magnificent creatures up-close in their natural habitat. The boats seat 4 – 6 people, allowing for an intimate cruising experience. The boat sit low on the water so passengers can get close to the dolphins. These playful animals love to swim and dive when they sense boats are nearby.

10. The World-Class Luxurious Accommodation

There are many luxury resorts to choose from, both from the beach areas and in the mountain areas of Bali. Visitors seeking absolute relaxation and holistic healing often choose the resorts of inland Ubud, while those looking for style and refined socializing prefer Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Ubud offers luxurious health and yoga retreats taking advantage of the peaceful and serene ambiance provided by the beautiful rice paddy terraces. Seminyak, on the other hand is the high-class resort area where visitors can enjoy every bit of luxurious experience on the calm white shores, while Nusa Dua is the exclusive gated resort enclave patrolled by 24-hour security police and cater to guests who give high priority on safety even while on holiday. Other world class luxury resorts are scattered through the regions and beaches of Bali.

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