Bali has always been a favorite destination of nature lovers and those who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. This is why it’s not unusual for Bali to be packed with tourists all year round. Apart from the popular tourist destinations Bali is known for, there are some places that remain seemingly unspoiled, hidden and kept away from the public, making them more exciting to visit. Here’s the ten secluded beaches in Bali, definitely worth visiting.

  1. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach or more commonly known as Pantai Balangan has gained the reputation of being the surfers’ paradise. If you want to have the best surfing experience, a visit to Pantai Balangan with your surfing group is an absolute must. Defined by fabulous weather and impressive waves, Pantai Balangan is one beach surfers just can’t say no to. Even non-surfers who want to spend quality time with their loved ones can’t refuse the inviting crystal clear waters or simply enjoy watching the surfers from the shoreline.

The beach is not as crowded as the other equally famous beaches of Bali, thus making it perfect for couples planning for a romantic bonding time.

The beach has some excellently-maintained food stalls serving the best of Indonesian food and specialties, in addition to the other cuisines.

Situated about 20 km away from the Kuta, and about 7 km from the famous Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, the beach is easily accessible by taxi, car rental or a private car.

  1. Green Bowl

Green Bowl Beach may not be that popular among tourists, but it is worth visiting when you are in Bali. The name Green Bowl is derived from the shape of the beach and the lush green environment. If you are in search of a beach in Bali where you can spend some stress-free and quality bonding time with family, Green Bowl is a great holiday option.  

The beach is situated in an isolated place, accessible only by walking. Most people find it difficult to visit Green Bowl. To reach there, you need to walk on a hilltop to make your way to the beach, but some people who have been to the beach affirmed that it is still worth to drop by. Green Bowl is located about 10 km away from Kuta.  

There are not as many accommodation options as the other beach areas, and this is mainly due to its rather secluded location. Therefore, it is recommended to book your accommodation well in advance to avoid the last minute hassle.

  1. Amed

Situated in the north-east of Amlapura, Amed is relatively less known among mainstream tourists. Getting there is easy – you can either hire a taxi or stick to public transportation to bring you there. Depending on the traffic conditions and weather, it may take you some 45 minutes to reach Amed. For many travelers, Amed is not the usual beach one imagines. It is actually a group of villages located near the coast. Accommodation is never a problem at Amed as there are numerous places to choose from. You can enjoy the delicious seafood and local dishes specifically served in most Bali beaches.

  1. Balian Beach

Balian Beach is situated near the Balian River and is famous among the surfers from different parts of the world. The beach is ideal for a long pleasant walk with your loved ones in case surfing is not that appealing to you.

Depending on traffic, you can reach Balian Beach from Kuta in approximately two hours. You can easily reach Balian Beach both by cab, and public transport. You have two enjoyable options – a lazy walk on the beach or sipping coffee at one of the numerous cafés on a beach.

  1. Pasir Putih Beach

Are you fascinated by mountains and seaside views? Pasir Putih is definitely a must-visit destination when you are in Bali. The beach offers a spectacular view and at the same time, you can’t get tired diving, swimming, and canoeing at the beach. A sight of the colorful fishes and coral reefs is enough to make you want to come back. The beach has modern amenities to make sure that tourists have what they need at any given time.

To reach Pasir Putih Beach, you may opt to take public transportation. A bus from Bungurasih will take you to Banyuwangi. You can enjoy a pleasant journey and not feel bored while traveling to the beach.

  1. Yeh Leh Beach

This beach remains undeveloped as a tourist spot in Bali. One reason is its location that is just too far from the airport. The fact that not many people visit this beach has made it unique and peaceful. The eastern part of the beach is teeming with coral rocks while the eastern part of the beach has black sand. These natural elements contribute to the mesmerizing charm of the beach. You can also go fishing or you can just spend a lazy evening, stargazing on the beach.  

The beach is situated near the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, and it is easy to reach either by local transport or by a cab.

  1. Geger Beach

Located on the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula, Geger Beach is considered as one of the best among the hidden beaches of Bali. Unlike Yeh Leh Beach and Pasir Putih Beach, both of which have black sand, Geger Beach boasts of having white sand.  Additionally, the calm environment makes it ideal and perfect for couples on their honeymoon. The beach is completely equipped with modern amenities and is easily accessible from Kuta and Nikko Bali.

Geger has restaurants, hotels, and markets that will help make your stay pleasant and comfortable.  

  1. Gunung Payung

Located at Nusa Dua, Gunung Payung is a fabulous beach where you can enjoy swimming, fishing or just relaxing on the beach. To get to the beach, it requires some effort – you need to climb 300 steps. Upon reaching the last step up, you will marvel at the beautiful scenery that awaits you.  

  1. Suluban Beach (Blue Point)

Suluban Beach offers one of the best sea views in Bali.  The great sea view is complemented by fresh air making it a welcome respite from the polluted cities and urban areas.  

Its well-preserved environment and amazing views are what makes Suluban Beach stand out from the other beaches in Bali.  

The Suluban Beach is situated in Pecatu Village, South Kuta sub-district. Surfers will likewise enjoy the beach that has some great surfing spots.  

  1. Pandawa Beach

An hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you’ll reach the amazing Pandawa Beach. Here, you can enjoy swimming and surfing at the beach. As the beach is near to the airport, access is not a problem at all.

The only downside – there are no hotels or lodges near the beach. Hence, it is advised that you stay in the nearby hotels so you can easily and conveniently go to the beach whenever you want.  

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