The Luxury Signature once again emerged victorious as one of the world’s finest in high-end hospitality, bagging the “Best Luxury Villa Rental & Accommodation Services in Asia” title for the third time. Winning the highly-coveted title in 2018 and 2019 consecutively, The Luxury Signature bested four other companies shortlisted for the prestigious award by the New York-based Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The award-giving body recognizes and promotes the best luxury goods and services from around the world.

The Luxury Signature joins the ranks of the world’s prominent luxury brands, all thanks to its stellar service and paradisaic holiday villas set in some of the world’s hottest destinations, such as Phuket & Koh Samui in Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; and Niseko in Japan.

Responding with Resilience and Adaptability

The pandemic has sent an unprecedented ripple effect throughout various sectors of the economy. With the cancelations of flights and the closure of borders, the travel and hospitality industries have suffered one of the biggest setbacks, leaving companies reeling to find ways to stay afloat.

In an interview with Luxury Lifestyle Awards, our Co-Founder and Managing Partner Darrel Bella shared how The Luxury Signature has managed to remain resilient throughout the crisis.

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Darrel Bella, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Luxury Signature

To cope with the unprecedented challenges, Darrel also shares about the new and unexplored strategies that our company adopted. For example, tapping into the local market has helped the company leverage on domestic travelers, a territory that has remained uncharted until recently. The company also ventured outside of Asia for the first time, announcing a new portfolio of premium chalets in Courchevel and Megève in France, opening new opportunities to cater to European clientele who have been unable to travel overseas.

Adaptability has also been key. Flexible cancellation policies have been set in place to provide booking security, a significant concern among travelers brought by the uncertainty of the pandemic. Adjustments to company operations, marketing strategies, and workforce have also been implemented to adapt to the changing times. Alongside all these, enhanced health and hygiene standards are also observed throughout our properties and staff members.

As borders start to open and holidaymakers start to trickle in, private villas are in an advantageous position because of the exclusivity and privacy that they offer – factors that have become more important to clients than ever.

“We have often seen our properties as a venue for people to celebrate togetherness, rejuvenate their minds and bodies, and reinspire themselves. This is one of the reasons why we love what we do,” says Darrel Bella. “Despite everything that we are facing, we choose to believe that we can truly achieve recovery. And we take pride that the services we provide will contribute to that goal.”

About Luxury Lifestyle Awards

For the past 12 years, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards has been connecting people to the world’s finest luxury brands. The institution evaluates 10,000 high-end goods and service providers from more than 60 countries in an expansive array of categories ranging from hotels and accommodations, food and dining, aviation, yachting, fashion, wellness, and more.

After thorough research and assessment, awards are handed to the most exemplary brands for delivering the highest standards in their field and representing excellence in the world of luxury.

Official winners are awarded a world-recognized zeal that solidifies the credibility of their brand. Not only does this recognition boosts brand awareness and increases customer loyalty, it also exposes them to potential relationships with other players in the luxury industry.

A Cut Above the Rest

The Luxury Signature individually inspects, assesses, and hand-picks only the finest properties to feature in our diverse yet carefully curated portfolio. Out of hundreds of choices in each destination, only 10 of the most outstanding properties are chosen based on their location, villa design, amenities, and in-house services.

Enlisted properties have a minimum of 4 bedrooms and boast lavish facilities such as infinity pools, jacuzzis, gyms, and private cinemas to name a few. Every stay is serviced by a professionally trained team including a private chef, an English-speaking villa manager, and highly capable staff members. A knowledgeable concierge service is also made available to ensure that guests get to relish the best that each destination has to offer.

The Luxury Signature believes that each villa is a unique experience in itself – an experience that is carefully paired to match the needs of its discerning guests. The company takes pride in this precise personalization and has remained consistent through the years in providing bespoke holiday lifestyles to even the most elite clients.