Every destination has its distinct character when it comes to design and architecture that may relate to cultural beliefs, religion, or even to its natural surroundings and weather conditions. If you are looking to rent a villa in Bali, here are what you can expect to find.



Traditional Balinese Villas

Balinese architecture is a form of vernacular building style that uses the island’s natural materials with local artistry and craftsmanship. Expect to find villas with thatch roofing, bamboo poles, and plenty of other natural materials such as teak wood, coconut wood, stone, as well as traditional Balinese sculptures and home decor.

Traditional Javanese Villas

Javanese villas are characterized by having a ground-floor foundation with a trapezoid-shaped roof – also using local materials found on the island. Teak wood is its most distinct feature, with pillars surrounding the building structure of the villa. Open-sided pavilions are typical of Javanese houses, so expect to find these in your Javanese-inspired villa. Check out Villa Khayangan in Uluwatu. Check out Villa Khayangan in Uluwatu.

Asian Contemporary / Modern Villas

Most villas in Bali do not use entirely traditional Balinese or Javanese architecture but incorporate their elements into modern contemporary designs. A villa may be made completely of concrete, but uses thatched roofing or wooden pillars and sprinkled with Balinese accessories all throughout.




These villas are in front of the beach where the waters are just a few steps away. You don’t have to walk for minutes before getting to the waters because it’s located right in front of the villa. Simply walk out the door and hop into the water. Villa Ambra and Villa Ketapang are some of the finest beachfront villas in Bali.


Oceanfront villas in Bali are excellent choices for guests who want to have close access to the ocean but also seclusion and privacy. These villas are located in front of the sea but not necessarily on the beach – it could be on a rocky shoreline or a cliff next to the ocean.


These mountaintop villas are located high up on a mountain, where views can include rice paddies, other mountains, jungles, river, or even the ocean. These are the most secluded types of villas in Bali and perfect for anyone who needs to meditate or practice yoga. Villa Hartland is one perfect example.

Hillside / Cliff

Hillside villas can be located in proximity to the ocean or from afar, with fantastic views of its natural surroundings from a balcony or infinity pool. They may offer breathtaking views of both the ocean and the mountains.




Ocean view villas are typically located on hillsides and cliffs and offer spectacular views of nearby islands and the beautiful tropical sky of the Indian Ocean.

River view

These type of villas may be located on mountaintops, a hidden jungle, or by the ocean where rivers flow directly in front or below the villa. Yoga retreats with river views offer soothing environments for meditation and massages.

Jungle view

Eco-lodges and private villas in Bali located on mountaintops and hillsides can offer amazing jungle views or the rainforest where monkeys can appear now and then. These types of villas are perfect for nature lovers and those who want the ultimate privacy.

Mountain view

Villas with mountain views are typically on mountaintops and hillsides where views of distant and nearby mountains provide the perfect backdrop for a luxury retreat in nature.

Rice paddies view

These villas are often in rural villages where luxury villas are located right beside or in front of rice paddies, offering relaxing environments for guests. There are rice paddies almost anywhere you go in Bali, so it’s common to find this type of villa.

No view

Villas with no view are often more affordable than other types of villas, and they are typically situated in gated communities as well as in certain parts of an urban city. It’s common to find this kind of villa in Seminyak area.

Now that you know what types of villa rentals you will find, next step would be choosing the best areas to rent a private luxury villa in Bali. To read more tips on how you can make the best of your Bali villa retreats, click here.