Luxury villas and vacation home rentals in Phuket come in different size, style, design, architecture, and even location. If you are coming to the island and thinking of renting a private luxury villa for your accommodation, here’s what you can expect.

Modern Villas

Phuket has a broad range of modern luxury villas equipped with every modern imaginable feature that you can think of. Imagine ultra-chic and contemporary architecture with the most minimal design details but offering an urban vibe to a tropical environment.

Villa Kalipay located on Cape Yamu on the east coast is a great example of an ultra stylish modern luxury villa, with advanced Sonos sound system, glass doors and windows all throughout, ensuite bathrooms, and the ultimate indulgences in lounging. The choices of modern villas in Phuket will indeed satisfy the most discerning of travelers.

Traditional Thai Villas

For the ultimate Thai immersion, Thai style luxury villas in Phuket embrace you with traditional architecture set amidst modern architecture. Villas like Villa Yang Som on the west coast feature elements of Thai design and architecture such as its play of terraces and salas, where 3 levels of the villa are capturing the different breezes of the ocean.

Discover the rich culture of Thailand through specially crafted furniture and furnishings that depict the ultimate Phuket luxury vacation.

A mix of Asian/Thai/Contemporary Villas

Minimally designed and feature both modern and authentic Thai design, Asian-Contemporary villas in Phuket offer the perfect blend of modern design and the right touch of Thai and Asian accents.

Villa 6 in Cape Yamu is situated on the quiet east coast, where bedrooms are equipped with international sockets to cater to different guests of different nationalities.

If you want modern luxury living with the right amount of Thai elements such as teak wooden doors and beautiful, locally made handicrafts, then a mix of modern and Thai aesthetic is the villa of choice for you.

Oceanview Villas

These villas are strategically placed in locations that offer the most picturesque sunsets and sunrises you can ever imagine. Infinity pools that seem to blend with the ocean feature the perfect setting to take in spectacular views, facing the horizon where the sun kisses the waters.

Most Phuket luxury villas featured on The Luxury Signature are facing the ocean and creating the most breathtaking views that make for the perfect way to start or end the day.

Beachfront Villas

For that instant access to a private beach, luxury beachfront villas in Phuket, like Ocean’s 11 Villa, offer just that. These villas are located in very close proximity to your own private, white-sand beach. The beach offers a different take on luxury living, offering views, breezes, and an environment that most people only dream of.

Beachfront villas, however, are not very common in Phuket. But you can find many of them on Natai beach in Phang Nga, which is about 30 minutes drive from the Phuket International Airport.

Oceanfront Villas

If an excellent ocean view is your prerequisite to a luxury vacation, oceanfront villas in Phuket will certainly take your breath away. Villa 6 Ayara Kamala is one such example of an oceanfront villa, set in a scenic location placed on top of a cliff – offering privacy and seclusion yet still close to beaches and top attractions.


Most of the luxury villas for rent in Phuket are fully staffed. The highly qualified villa staff can cater to your every need during your stay. They may have a concierge, a villa manager, and a private chef who are dedicated and fully committed to making your vacation as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

The team of staff, some of them living on the property, give you easy and fast service, right at your fingertips. Other staff that a villa may have are a gardener, driver, butler, and housekeepers.

Jungle View Villas

For the ultimate seclusion, jungle view villas offer a place for guests who want to escape and run away from it all. Villa La Paix set amidst a tropical forest feature beautiful landscaped gardens, palm fields, and an escape to nature that will give you the ultimate relaxation.

Hilltop Villas

Hilltop villas offer a secluded oasis providing a peaceful environment for guests who wish to unwind in their very own private home away from home in Phuket. The Villa Love 21 located in Layan is one such example, which makes for an ideal tropical paradise with breathtaking views of the Bangtao Bay and the west coast of Phuket.

Set in a quiet and serene location, hilltop villas are also quite close to top attractions and beaches – making it ideal for guests who want to explore then relax at the end of the day.