In order to provide guests with every comfort and amenity of modern living, luxury villas are staffed by a team of highly capable and trained professionals in a variety of fields, striving to provide the highest degree of hospitality and customer service available anywhere.

1. Villa Manager

The Villa Manager is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth function of the villa. Keeping close attention to the needs of the guests as well as the staff, the manager works diligently to make the entire process a smooth and enjoyable one. From managing bookings (occasionally), handling employees, preparing special requests, fielding guest questions and much more. The Villa Manager is hard at work to ensure every guest has an optimal and unforgettable stay.

2. The Chef & Cooks

Complimenting the wondrously luxurious atmosphere of a luxury villa is some of the finest cuisine available anywhere on the planet. Staffed by highly trained chefs, these wizards of culinary arts are always cooking something up to suit even the most discerning palette. From the local cuisine of the area of your stay, to the comfort foods from your own home, to the most exotic delicacy: the chef and kitchen staff will ensure you only get the most delicious of meals and treats during your stay.

3. Maids & Butlers

To keep everything squeaky clean without the guest ever raising a finger, every luxury villa comes complete will full maid service. Many luxury villas in Bali even feature a full butler service – indulge in all the class and comfort provided by classic butler services, ensuring you have a faithful and loyal hand to help you with every issue you might encounter around the villa.

4. Concierge

In providing you with the ultimate stay and vacation experience – not just within the villa, but in the world outside as well – the concierge works to scrutinize every detail of your destination, stay and activities to ensure you get the very most out of your experience. From consultation on how to plan a day, to booking the finest restaurants or negotiating the most exciting adventures and sightseeing tours, the concierge service provides a firm and knowledgeable resource about the villa, the area it is situated in, and all of the attractions to be seen. The cumulative effective of the concierge is the ultimate travel assistant: navigating the hassles and bureaucracies of booking and planning to give you only the very best experience available. For places like Phuket, Koh Samui, & Bali, where numerous activities await, having your own personal concierge is most suitable.

5. Spa Therapists

Feel like indulging in an incredible private spa atmosphere? How about surrendering to the pleasures of a fine massage? With private masseur & masseuse, you will be sure to enjoy all the benefits of a fine day at the spa – everyday! Enjoy the luxury of a private massage and full on spa therapy from the comfort of your private villa, with careful personal attention given by your dedicated spa professional.

6. Other Staff

For all fully operational luxury villa rentals, there are always “auxiliary” staff who interact less directly with the guest and serve more to ensure the smooth operation of all the facilities such as Security, Handyman, & Gardeners. In the case of security, the safety and peace of mind of guests, staff and owners alike is their priority 24 hours a day. Behind every successful villa is also a dedicated and skilled handyman to keep everything in top working order, as well as landscapers and gardeners to upkeep the beauty of the surroundings.

Villa owners in different destination have different ways of dealing with hiring and managing the staff. Some owners prefer to hire their own full time staff and train them, while others outsource and trust it to a management company who handles everything for them.