Looking through the available locations in Phuket to rent a luxury villa is like searching through a treasure trove to find the shiniest gemstone. Well not until you set sight on Villa Padma – a lovely villa situated on Phuket’s eastern coast. Villa Padma is ideally situated to soak in the amazing panoramic views of Cape Yamu, Phuket’s incredibly lushly tropical foothills, and its beautiful bay.


The pool deck at Padma is an incredible spot to relax, swim, have a meal, chat with friends and families or just enjoy the lovely temperate climate and incredible views. The central feature is of course the pool itself – a huge infinity pool stretching towards the sea filled to the brim with crystal clear waters. Surrounding the pool are eight sunbeds complete with umbrellas and two huge, plush couches which sit just outside the decks entrance. The pool itself also features a shallow area with two tanning beds which allow you to soak up the sun without leaving the water.


Just inside the pool deck is the incredible pool side living area. Two large, inviting couches are positioned centrally around a large coffee table, making the perfect spot for guests to gather and relax indoors. I found myself quite engaged by the decorations in this room – huge pieces of art which adorn the walls with brilliant sculptures and paintings. Every detail here seems to have some artistic flair: from the crazy geometry employed in the artsy light fixtures all the way to the rooms architecture, brilliantly captures the view outside.


On the upper level is  the terrace – a large area, segmented off from the edges of the villa by a wall of glass which provides security without compromising the incredible views. The terrace is surrounded by ponds which add to its overall elegance. It also has a sunken sala with very comfortable seating for 8 people and stunning views, which is truly captivating and can also be enjoyed on the several well-positioned couches which make up the terrace’s seating.


The main living and dining area is quite a work of art – an accomplishment of architecture, engineering and construction. The huge vaulted ceiling is accentuated by long pillars which run up to meet the ceiling, situated in long rows parallel on either side to the huge dining table. Suspended centrally in the pillars and immediately above the table is a huge hanging chandelier.

Just a few meters from the dining table is the living area – large brown couches ideal for soaking up a bit of relaxation after you dine, positioned to get a brilliant view from outside.


Right next to the dining area is a fully equipped, state of the art kitchen. The room itself is quite elegant, with a series of small windows letting in the sunlight and brilliant view from outside. Like the rest of the house, the kitchen takes advantage of the stunning views with a large door that lets out onto the terrace. Also in the kitchen is a small dining table or breakfast area.


The private cinema room has an utterly massive HDTV which takes up nearly the entire wall, delivering stunning image quality at brilliant resolutions. Rounded off with state of the art surround sound, the cinema room is sure to offer an engaging experience for anyone who enjoys a good film. A great place to relax with the family, the cinema room is plentifully provided with a huge L-shaped couch which runs along two of the rooms walls.


Villa Padma is more than adequately equipped with four huge, luxurious bedrooms. Each bedroom features a large, soft bed, elegant furnishings and a brilliant view of the outside. The master suite also had a truly beautiful bathroom with a gorgeous rounded tub. The master bedroom and one additional room also feature an HDTV.


On the pool deck we also find an outdoor shower as well as a barbeque pavilion. Just situated poolside, it is fully equipped with a state of the art grill, a kitchen sink and a small dining table to seat four. This lovely little pavilion can be your private poolside paradise whenever you need a few minutes away from the rest of the party.