From families, couples and groups of friends, discerning travellers are looking for a personalized approach when on a holiday. But what does this mean exactly?

Personalized Villa Holiday

Villa stays are inherently individual since you are staying in your own unique holiday home. You have the privacy and opportunity to be flexible and create your own vacation rhythm, without the need to follow a hotel or resort’s itinerary or fit in with other people. A villa stay is what you make it.

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Most luxury villas in Asia offer dedicated chefs, staff and concierge services. This means that you can create your own menu and order whatever food and dishes you desire, from al fresco fine dining to sumptuous breakfasts and healthy lunches. This is ideal if you have a specific diet you need to follow or simply foods that you love to eat on holiday.

Whilst in-villa staff ensure your vacation lifestyle is effortless, your concierge is attentive to all the details you personally desire. Perhaps you want a Thai massage at your villa rental or a yoga or fitness instructor to visit for a private workout session looking out to the vast Indian Ocean. You may need practical help, such as hiring a car or chartering a yacht, not to mention finding out what local attractions there are and how to get there. Whether you want to find you favorite foods or bring the beauty spa to your villa, personalized villa stays are designed to deliver the dream.

The Benefits

When it comes to a holiday, villa stays offer the best opportunities to create a personalized experience, which means you get much more out of your stay, such as:

– Greater relaxation for the body and mind – With your wants and needs catered for without you having to think about it, you can truly let go and relax into your time away. A holiday is a break and that means a break from having to manage a busy lifestyle. Even if you plan an action-packed vacation you will still feel relaxed to the core.

Not having to repeat yourself – Have you ever stayed in a hotel where you constantly have to make the same requests, voice demands and even seek out what you want? It can be exhausting and is counter-productive to the whole point of a holiday. With a villa stay you can state what you need before you even arrive and never have to mention this again.

Not having to settle for second best or below – What if you are not able to ask for what you want and the facilities and services do not exist to offer you a more personalized experience? Then the chances are you may have to accept an inferior option or simply do without. This can be frustrating at the very least.

Greater comfort and convenience – The essence of individually customized holidays is that you feel at ease, more comfortable and that being away from home does not mean that you are inconvenienced in any way, but rather the opposite. The idea is to make your holiday lifestyle easier, more chilled out and more ‘you’.

More enjoyable – If the details are being looked after, you can really throw yourself into creating the type of holiday you really want. That may be water sports, lounging by the pool or family time at the villa. You have more time and energy to really enjoy your time away. You are also able to access more activities and experiences as well.

Feel special – Customized villa stays may be about fulfilling some basic needs, such as dietary requirements. However, making a holiday personal also makes you feel valued, looked after and special too. Personalized care can be a real luxury treat too.

Not having to change who you are – You go on vacation to relax, enjoy yourself and feel free to express yourself. Unfortunately, many holidaymakers not staying in villas with superior services and facilities find they are trying to fit into what is on offer. Why should you change what you want or who you are just to fit in with someone else’s idea of a vacation? Individual holidays are for individuals!

Better quality time with others – Romantic paradise breaks; high-energy family fun; and memorable, shared vacations with friends; holidays create memories and bring people together. Sharing a holiday is even greater if every person feels relaxed and taken care of. Not having to think about every detail means you can focus on good times and quality time instead.

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Whether you are holidaying in incredible Koh Samui or Phuket in Thailand or mesmerizing Bali in Indonesia, luxury locations aside, cookie cutter vacations do not cut it. Of course, while you want to tick off ‘amazing destination’ on your getaway checklist, today’s vacationers are looking for that individual, personal touch that turns a villa stay into an individual villa experience.