“Travel brings power and love back to your life.” (Rumi, 13th Century Persian poet)

Traveling the world, stepping into a different world, and treating yourself to a holiday of a lifetime; vacations are simply wonderful.

Holidays can be life-affirming, stretch the imagination, and create memorable experiences. Life is about living, and nothing makes you feel as alive as taking time to relax, kick-back, and enjoy free time in a glorious setting.

After a great break away, you feel refreshed, rested, and energized. A getaway can not only change the way you feel but even change your life for the better!



1)  Whether for romantic couplings, committed marriages, or connections with family and friends, a holiday can work wonders on your relationships:

2)  It gives you time and space to really communicate and talk away from familiar environments.

3)  It enables you to reconnect with yourself and others as a result by giving you the time and space to get back down to the essential core of who you are. You can then recognize just how important others are in your life and what each person means to you.

4)  Shared experiences bring you closer together with loved ones as you create wonderful memories. Couples that are active together stay together, or so the saying goes, and there is some truth in not talking but doing sometimes.

5)  Relaxation in luxurious surrounds can ignite the spark between couples that is sometimes lost or neglected in the fast pace of life or as a result of familiarity.

6)  Laughter, fun, and enjoyment are great catalysts for improving relationships. It is difficult to feel bad when you are laughing and looking into the smiling eyes of a loved one.

7)  A vacation affords more opportunities to try new activities and really boost not just togetherness but inspire empathy for other people’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas. If you are wrapped up in what is going on in your own existence too tightly it can be all too easy to ignore the needs of those around you.

8)  Without the busy pace of everyday life, your relationships come into sharper focus, allowing you to recognize any issues that could be rocking the boat. This inspires you to show your appreciation of special people in your world. A holiday can be a wonderful wake-up call to not taking others for granted

9)  New holiday experiences give you the chance to learn more about a loved one; learning leads to understanding and a stronger bond. It is easy to think you know everything there is to know about someone close to you. A holiday reveals hidden depths and can pique interest levels in a relationship as you get to know somebody all over again. 



Whether you are an entrepreneur or work within a business, a holiday can reinvigorate your career on many different levels:

10)  Rest, destress and recharge. Feeling energized from a great holiday experience leaves you raring to go. With renewed vigor, you are a smarter, more effective and more productive person.

11)  Holidays expand your horizons and give you the headspace you need to gain a better perspective. This applies to how you approach your working life, how you operate within it, and the results that you yield. Being able to take a step back once in a while can lead you forward at a much faster pace. See the bigger picture and affect positive change where and when it is needed.

12)  Space is the magical formula for problem solving. Take your mind and focus away from work-related issues and your cognitive skills are fired-up. While concentrated focus can be rewarding, the answers to any of life’s conundrums can often be found when you are thinking and doing something else. What better ‘something else’ than a luxury holiday?

13)  Even students and school kids can benefit from some mental release away from the classroom and the focus of detailed subjects that require so much brain power and undivided attention.

14)  A wonderful holiday experience can fire up the imagination and inspire creative ideas which can add real value to your working attitude, input, and ultimately your enjoyment.

15)  Successful careers are about effective action not simply being efficient. Hard work is not necessarily the answer but smart work is. A holiday can break workaholic tendencies and bad working habits, meaning you achieve more with the right effort, not with more effort.

16)  Enjoyable vacation time well spent can really invigorate a positive sense of self. This can improve your self-confidence and self-esteem so you become a more effective leader at work. If you have a strong identity and feel good about yourself then this is going to impact every aspect of your life, including your career.

17)  Vacations can be a great reminder to seize the day. Carpe diem becomes your mantra for your life and career. You may leave a vacation with a whole new attitude to life, a different mind-set, and possibly a whole new career direction.



Whether you need an energy lift, emotional healing, or are recovering from health issues, a holiday promises holistic therapy inspiring well-being throughout your entire being:

18)  Balance your life by taking time off from your busy schedule and realigning yourself. Too much work or time spent running a busy family life can knock your work-life-family balance off kilter. Achieving equilibrium with some well-deserved time off can be a real tonic.

19)  One of the biggest health issues people face is stress and stress-induced illness. Stresses and strains melt away and dissipate on holiday as your body and mind rejuvenates and sheds old worries, real or imagined.

20)  Decision-making, facing life’s inevitable trials and tribulations, and rising to new challenges and opportunities; it is no surprise that the mind and inner-self can become worn out. A vacation experience can inspire a new-found joie de vivre and enhance your capacity to make good choices in every area of your life.

21)  When you take time to relax and change your routine you become more connected to yourself. This boosts body-awareness so you become more aware of ailments you may be facing, from minor discomforts to potentially more serious underlying conditions.

22)  Vacation spa treats such as a full-body aroma massage essentially relaxes you to your core; unwinding your body and mind on a far deeper level. When you relax in your everyday life you may not be taking it as easy as you think. Free time and leisure pursuits are not the same as simply giving in to your body’s natural rhythm and sleep patterns.

23)  Feel good and benefit from a more positive outlook on all aspects of your life. On a psychological level, a great time away can really make all the difference to how you see yourself and the world around you. It is not just about feeling energized but feeling happy too.

24)  If you are recovering from a health problem or perhaps have had a difficult time emotionally, a holiday can truly be transformative. Experience the nourishing and nurturing healing properties of being in a new environment, with time and space to really recuperate.

25)  Perhaps one of the most incredible benefits of a break away from your usual routine is the opportunity to reinvigorate your lifestyle by breaking bad habits and creating new, positive ones. Feeling the sun on your skin, relaxing in luxurious surroundings, in a glorious destination, can really motivate you to change negative lifestyle patterns and reassess your life and how you live it for the better.

In essence, a holiday is what you make it, but vacations do have the power to transform and improve so many different elements of your life. Not that really is a holiday of a lifetime.