“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” – Coco Chanel

A luxury label may be objectively awarded, but real luxury vacation is about personal preferences; it is about fulfilling your holiday lifestyle desires and aesthetic sensibilities. Luxury is individual.

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How do you define luxury? Does it feel exclusive and extraordinary? Promising the absolute best quality? With a villa stay, luxury may be about incredible design, spectacular features, and state-of-the-art facilities, not to mention an awe-inspiring location in a dream destination. Ultimately, luxury is all of these intrinsic elements and more – it is a condition of great comfort too.

Choosing the right luxury villa to suit your needs and preferences is what makes a luxury villa deliver a luxurious vacation experience, over and above its inbuilt, high-quality specs. This guide can help you personalize your luxury villa reservations to find exactly what you are looking for:

What atmosphere and holiday lifestyle are you looking for?

Do you want to absolutely ’let-go’ and embrace a retreat-style villa far, far from the madding crowds of tourist hotspots or prefer to be close to the action? Close your eyes and imagine your villa stay. You may see a vibrant, action-packed holiday and an exhilarating vacation villa experience. On the flip side, you may have a vision of walking barefoot on the sands of a secluded cove, be it on one of the stunning Thai islands or remote beauty spots in Bali.

What type of design do you want?

For some, classic décor with muted design details in a grand, majestic space symbolizes luxury. For others, modern minimalism with splashes of bold, contemporary design represents iconic 21st Century luxury. A villa that blends seamlessly with the outdoor space lets you connect with nature while a modern-day, stylized property can create its own high-tech environment. Luxury can be a home away from home or decidedly different surroundings that transport you to another world.

Nobody wants to feel like a fish out of water…no matter how luxurious the pond is.

Where do you want the location should be?

The breeze in your hair and a sundowner in your hand, toasting a magical sunset from your cliffside villa overlooking a magnificent ocean with panoramic views such as the villa rentals in Phuket; a hidden oasis on a hillside in a jungle landscape, shaded from the midday sun and surrounded by oxygen-giving greenery which is common for luxury villa rentals in Bali; or a beachside villa beauty where your living room is the soft sand of a tropical seashore which is easy to find among villas in Koh Samui.

Wish you were here? Luxury is being in the perfect place; resonating with your whole being.

What do you want to achieve?

During, and certainly by the end of your villa stay you want to feel…what? Do you want to grab life by the horns and ride with it on an adrenalin-fueled adventure? Do you want to contemplate the meaning of life in mindful meditation? Or maybe you simply want to recharge your batteries with some spa treats, pure relaxation, and time to read lounging by the villa infinity pool; to drop off the grid for a while.

What do you need to make your stay enjoyable?

If you are a foodie who loves gourmet meals, then an extraordinary in-villa chef might be a luxury essential. If you plan on sinking into a soft sofa with movie nights, then an in-villa private cinema room or luxuriously comfortable lounge is an absolute must-have. If being without your daily workout is going to stress you out then you need a gym to fully enjoy your stay.

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If a villa stay equals relaxation, and relaxation equals spa treatments then being able to take a massage or lie back and have a facial is a luxurious in-villa treat. From tennis courts to games rooms, and en suite bedrooms with oversized tubs, what do you need to experience a luxury stay?

What are the wants and needs of others in your holiday group?

No person is an island. Even if you are staying in an idyllic island paradise, making sure that the right balance is achieved within the holiday group dynamic is vital. With families, everybody needs their own space and has their own personality, interests, and personal luxury list. With friends, celebrating a special occasion, you want to be able to come together in harmony and experience shared luxury, as well as enjoying a villa holiday on your own terms.

A modern villa aimed at sophisticated guests may not suit a family with young children who need to be entertained and want to splash around in a kids’ pool. Likewise, even if you like to recline by the pool, if friends like to keep active then they may need more than a mellow retreat. Luxury is peace and harmony, with special shared moments and space to be alone too.

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Do you have any special requests or holiday deal breakers?

A villa is not a relationship partner, but if you do match up with the right villa then it can undoubtedly be a case of love at first sight. To find that perfect fit you need to know what you are looking for, and that includes any must-haves or deal breakers.

If a luxury villa needs al fresco dining then so be it. If a luxury stay needs to be a step from soft white sands, then that goes to the top of your wish list. The more precise your luxury demands the more likely you are to find your dream villa, and then all you have to do is to enjoy the perfectly customized vacation experience. Now, that is luxury!

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