After a long flight and going through all the stresses of transit and travel, having a body massage in the comfort of your own luxury villa or hotel room is an experience second to none. Perhaps one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated activities one can embark on during a holiday, the massage is a treat with lasting health benefits and helpful effects for the mind and body.



Defined as the manipulation, by manual means or aided by mechanical devices, of layers of muscle and connective tissue within the human body, massage is an activity and tradition which has been with humanity since its earliest origins, with archaeological evidence presenting a strong case for the practice of deliberate massage as far back as 2330 BC. In its most basic form, the massage is just applied pressure to an area of the body, typically done by the hands of another person. The goal of the massage is to relieve pain, enhance the function of the bodies natural mechanisms, inhibit negative muscle symptoms, promote relaxation, along with a long host of other potential benefits.


There is a huge list of health benefits from a quality massage. With the huge variety of techniques, the variety of benefits is just as numerous, with specific techniques promoting different effects, but with some general benefits to any variety of massage. Almost daily, scientific investigations highlight new benefits of massage and come to better understand the processes involved. Some of the health benefits of a massage may include:

  • Improved circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids
  • Relaxation of “stressed” or “tense” muscle
  • Helps to relieve problems caused naturally by stress on muscles, such as pinched nerves and “knots.”
  • Promotes good health and function of the muscles
  • Relaxes the body and mind, providing a soothing and peaceful experience
  • The simultaneously relaxing and stimulating experience of massage has a range of benefits on internal organ function, promoting healthy respiration and quality in the lungs, decreasing the heart rate thereby lowering blood pressure, stimulating parts of the nervous system while allowing others to relax completely
  • Studies have shown that massage may have benefits on mental acuity and cognitive functioning
  • By improving the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, massage helps to remove toxins from the skin and tissue while promoting the uptake of nutrients. This has a lasting impact on the health of both exterior skin and interior tissue and muscle systems
  • Massage can improve the health of the skin and help prevent the formation of scars, stretch marks and other surface ailments


A fantastic way to relax, recharge and refresh, massage is a year round activity which is great for unwinding, promoting healing and better bodily functions and relieving stresses both physical and mental. After a taxing experience, like travel, the massage provides a fantastic way to unwind and recover from fatigue or injury, especially muscle issues such as cramps, spasms or minor traumas.

It is almost always a great time to have a massage, but especially after travel, strenuous exercise, whenever you want to promote relaxation, whenever you feel the need to recharge yourself physically, when recovering from injury or illness, after a stressful event, or when you want to have the very best day possible. Regular massage is a great way to keep the mind balanced and the body working optimally.


Although massage can be helpful for a wide range of ailments, there are certain issues and individuals for which massage is not recommended and in some cases unsafe. Anyone recovering from certain types of injuries, particularly serious muscle trauma, broken bones, tissue damage, individuals taking certain kinds of prescription medication such a blood thinners and muscle relaxants among other issues.

However, qualified massage therapist will normally consult with you before performing a massage to ensure the proper techniques are used, any potentially injured or overly sensitive areas are avoided, and the optimal massage is performed with any particular focus the client desires.

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