The shores of Bali play host to some of the most incredible beach destinations. With such an exciting array of beaches to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to spend your day enjoying. Fortunately, there really is no wrong answer. Note, however, that Bali is not really a small island. Before booking your holiday accommodation, whether you are looking for a guesthouse, 5-star hotels, or luxury villas to rent in Bali perhaps, make sure to familiarize the area and the beaches closest to it. There are many other beaches of Bali that are waiting to be discovered, but here’s our top lists in no particular order.

1. Balangan Beach

A high vantage point photo of Balangan beach. Photo:

Renown for its excellence as a surf spot, Balangan is a great all around beach for swimming, body/boogie boarding, surfing, or just enjoying the sand. The shimmering crystal blue waters of Balangan are exciting and refreshing. However, since it does have something of a notable surf break, the swimming here is an adventure in the waves when the tide is right – quite a fun experience, but perhaps not for a light swimmer.

Balangan is easy to get to and represents a truly striking example of the natural beauties of the land and sea. Despite its easy access, it is often nearly empty, making it a perfect destination for anyone seeking secluded tropical paradise.

2. Sanur Beach

Just a short drive from Kuta, Sanur Beach offers an alternative to the lively atmosphere of Kuta by providing a gorgeous beach which is perfect for swimming and relaxing. Although Sanur is occasionally a decent surf spot, the Sanur Reef makes sure that a very large swell is needed before the waves get too high – making it ideal for light swimming, snorkeling, and other activities that prefer lower surf.

A great place to relax and get away from it all, Sanur beach manages to maintain an air of seclusion even though its perimeter is populated by some world class restaurants and bars.

3. Balian Beach

Cliffs surrounding the black sand beach of Balian. Photo:

Balian beach is an incredible coastline stretching out for miles with volcanic black sands. The surf at Balian can occasionally make swimming hazardous when the swell is high, but it makes for an incredible surf spot in almost any conditions. The water is warm and clear, with plenty of sandy sea floor and nice wave breaks. When the swells are lower, a casual swim in the warm waters of Balian can be a true delight to the senses.

4. Padang Bai & Bias Tugal

Padang Bai is the ideal destination for anyone looking to take a look at the world beneath the waves with a snorkeling or diving adventure. Padang Bai beach is another gorgeous white sand beach, featuring plenty of opportunities to enjoy the waves or get a tan. The area is plentiful with dive shops and diving certificate training facilities, taking advantage of the truly incredible underwater spectacles which make their home just off the coast of Padang Bai.

One of the best kept secrets of Padang Bai is Bias Tugal. This breathtaking beach is something of a trek to get to, with a long 500 meter walk down a rocky trail. The seas may also be only for the advanced swimmer, but the breathtaking views of this gorgeous white sandy paradise abundant in the natural flora and fauna is a delight nearly unparalleled anywhere on Earth.

5. Pemuteran Beach

The first dank sand beach on our list, Pemuteran is virtually devoid of waves, as are most beaches on Bali’s northern coast. This makes Pemuteran ideal for a nice relaxing swim, but even more so for snorkeling and diving. The beach caters to the underwater explorer, with signs marking safe entry and exit points for optimal snorkeling experiences. A truly wonderful sight, and an interesting example of a dark sand coastline.

6. Nusa Dua Beach

Trees bordering the sands of Nusa Dua. Photo:

Nusa Dua is a paradise accommodating to every element of a tropical wonderland. Lined with luxury resorts elegantly framed by beautiful palm trees, stunning orchids and a myriad of other flora, Nusa Dua beach provides excellent surf on its south and northern ends, with gentle waters for swimming in between. The crystal clear waters provide an ideal atmosphere for snorkeling.

7. Geger Beach

Not far from Nusa Dua, Geger Beach is a beautiful example of a white sandy beach perfect for a light swim. With relatively calm seas compared to some of the epic surf spots on our list, Geger is a nice place for a quick swim or a long beach day. Though the seas sometimes can be rough with a large enough swell, or occasionally a bit much with the currents at night, typically Geger is a great place for light swimming or snorkeling.

8. Padang Padang Beach

A golden hue covers the cliffs surrounding the cove of Padang Padang beach. Photo:

Not far from the remarkable historical and religious site, the Uluwatu Temple, Padang Padang is an incredible coastline, dotted with rocks and caves but also giving way to beautiful stretches of fine white sand. Immortalized in the Hollywood blockbuster “Eat, Pray, Love” Padang Padang has experienced a surge in popularity and remains one of Bali’s premier beach destinations.

9. Lovina Beach

With beautiful dark sands taking their origins from ancient eruptions of Mount Agung, Lovina beach is a secluded stretch of coast with calm seas perfect for a swim. Usually devoid of the large tourist crowds found elsewhere, Lovina is a fantastic place to get away from it all and enjoy the sun and surf on your own terms.

10. Nyang Nyang Beach

Hilltop view of Nyang Nyang Beach. Photo:

The trek to Nyang Nyang can be a bit treacherous, featuring a long and windy road, a jaunt through a forest and a final descent on foot down a mossy stairway. However, the reward is a hidden tropical paradise of the finest degree, practically a private beach for the few who know of its location. The immaculately blue waters break luxuriously along the shimmering golden sands. The waves are inviting for surf or water sports, but swimming can be difficult when the tide is high.

11. Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan

An almost completely undeveloped island not far from mainland Bali, Nusa Lembongan features some of the most spectacular, pristine and untouched coastline anywhere in the world. This beach is a tropical paradise in every sense, providing all the wonderful attractions of the ocean and the beach itself. Enjoy the sand, the surf, and the serene atmosphere of this secluded tropical island.

12. Kuta Beach

Beach umbrellas and sun loungers lined up at Kuta Beach. Photo:

Near one of the most highly developed tourist destinations in Bali, Kuta beach is a picturesque example of a tourists tropical dream land. The lush white sand stretches long and wide, with the ever encroaching sea wetting its edges. Kuta is a great surf spot, with decent waves, but also an excellent place for a casual swim.

For getting a tan, taking in the sights, swimming or water sports, Kuta is a fantastic selection just a stones throw away from a host of popular tourist attractions, resorts, restaurants, night life and more.