Traditional tourists are more familiar with hotel and resort concept when it comes to renting a room for a holiday. However, these days there are more options for travellers to choose, one of the most popular luxury accommodation types people are searching for is villa. Wonder why? Here are 10 reasons why you should book a private villa for your next holiday.

#1 Ultimate privacy

The first and foremost reason to book a private villa is the ultimate privacy that the villa can offer. If you are one of those who love your holiday to be exclusive and private, a privately owned luxury villa will be an excellent choice of your stays.

When you rent a villa, you rent the whole unit so that will give you an absolute me time in your private house.

#2 Everything belongs to you

Technically, everything in the villa belongs to you, at least, during your stay. So apart from having your private time, you can also have your private facilities such as an infinity plunge pool facing the ocean and many other villa facilities & amenities.

#3 Fully-equipped

Most of the villa rental units will be equipped with basic facilities and equipment such as a stove, utensils, microwave, oven, washing machine, refrigerator, a dish washing machine, air-conditioning and etc., Not to mention the upscale facilities such as a cinema room, a sauna room, a gym and a spa.

#4 No rush, no queue

When everything in the unit belongs to you, there is no need for a rush or a queue. You can forget about queuing or waiting for the sunbed to be available or to wait for that woman to finish using a treadmill because you have everything available for you 24 hours a day.

You also don’t have to worry if you might not make it to the spa at the hotel on time, because at the villa you can have your private concierge booked the session and have your spa treatment by the pool or anywhere around the villa, as you prefer.

#5 No frustration

Staying in hotels, you might have to deal with staffs who sometimes are well trained and sometimes not. Unlike staying in a private villa, you might still have to deal with staff but you don’t have to see them in every step you take just like in the hotel.

Staff at the villa will stand by for your assistance, but they will not roam around like maids in the hotels or staff at the breakfast buffet line whom you called for a coffee for three good times but your cup is still empty.

#6 No awkward conversation

Since you do not have to share any facility with other guests, like you do in hotels, you also don’t have to deal with awkward conversations with random guy in the elevator or random greetings with staff along the way.

#7 Bigger unit

As you rent a private villa as a whole unit, there will be more space for you to enjoy. Whether we are talking about just the bedroom, mostly, it is still bigger than a hotel room.

#8 Peacefulness

The ultimate privacy also comes with a great peacefulness. In most cases, villas also come with excellent views.

#9 Value

If you focus on the price alone, you might disagree with us but if you see it as a whole unit, you might understand what we are talking about.

When you rent a private villa, you rent the whole property. Meaning, one private villa can have up to 10 bedrooms and each room can accommodate up to 2 persons, so you better do the math and tell us if it is worth your spending.

#10 Pet-friendly

Some of the luxury villas are pet-friendly which is good for travellers who love to bring along their little companions on the trip. However, it really depends on the property owner. To play safe, you should always ask the owner first before confirming your booking.

Also read our previous post comparing a villa to a hotel. Certainly, private villas are not for everyone. But if you need more reasons why or when you should not stay at a hotel during a holiday, read here.