The accommodations offered by a hotel are usually a first choice for anyone on holiday. Five star resorts can offer a huge list of amenities and hospitable services. But there are a few situations in which the peculiarities of a hotel setting are not ideal, and other services such as private luxury villa rentals or vacation home rentals can provide a much more comfortable experience. Below are some examples:


1. When you are traveling with a family

There are many important planning considerations when traveling with your family. Especially if you have a large family (or maybe you’re bringing the extended family along,). Keeping everyone happy and properly accommodated can be a challenge which hotels might not be up to. In contrast to a hotel, a private villa offers multiple private rooms, plenty of space for everyone to move around and the feel of a real household with great areas for everyone to mingle and enjoy each others company, or retreat to their own space for some privacy. To know more about the basic qualities of a luxury villa, click here.


2. When you are traveling with a group of friends

If you’re taking a holiday with a group of friends, there is nothing quite like truly having a place of your own. While a hotel might be a great place to get some rest or a meal, it doesn’t really provide the open atmosphere of a private residence, where you can throw a party or small private events and do as you please never worrying about disturbing other guests or violating strict hotel rules.

There is also the problem of getting adjacent rooms. Hotel bookings can be a tricky business, and only occasionally will rooms be provided which are in close proximity. Instead of having to take long elevator rides and walk across a huge hotel to see friends or family, a private villa puts everyone in the same household.


3. When you are traveling with a kid, elderly, or disabled person

Should your travel party include a disabled person or someone with special needs, or even a child, the design, construction and strict rules of a hotel might present some challenges. For example, a huge many-story hotel can be difficult for a disabled person to navigate, even if ample handicap elevators and other accessibility features are provided for. The huge and sometimes maze-like nature of hotels is also much less accommodating to the curiosity and wanderings of a child than a private villa, which often includes its own beautifully landscaped yard and even entertainment and child play rooms.


4. When you want seclusion and privacy

One of the challenges of a hotel is fitting a huge amount of people into a somewhat condensed space. The result is compromising some degree of privacy and seclusion. Even the most luxurious resort room is only a few steps away from hundreds or possibly even thousands of other guests. Simply stepping outside the room is practically entering a public space. In contrast, a villa is its own complete private residence, with spacious dwellings, ample yards and state-of-the-art facilities and accommodations.


5. When you want to feel home away from home

In your own private villa, you have truly come to a home away from home. Within its walls you will find all the comforts and luxuries of home, and often far more, as luxury villas spare no expense to provide an amazing experience to every guest. Enjoy simple staples rarely found in hotels, like your own private fully equipped kitchen, completely private swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and even private spa’s staffed with professional spa therapists.



Above are just a few of the many reasons you might opt to choose a villa for your stay on vacation as opposed to a resort or hotel. There are many incredible luxury villas and vacation home rentals available worldwide which rival all the features of a hotel while providing an extra degree of luxury and privacy. Wherever you decide to stay, have a great vacation!

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