If you’re planning your dream vacation or ‘vacation of a lifetime’, you’ll want to find somewhere to stay that is as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Below are some different types of luxury accommodations to be found around the world. I may have not quite touched on every possibility, but by the end of the article I hope you’ll be much more informed as to the options available.

#1 Boutique Luxury Hotels

Kandolhu Island, Maldives
Kandolhu Island, Maldives

A boutique luxury hotel can be thought of as a scaled-down hotel. In contrast to some of the giant mega-hotels which can house hundreds of guests, the boutique luxury hotel sacrifices quantity for quality. These type of luxury hotels tend to house a small number of guests in extremely luxury dwellings equipped with all the amenities and full hotel services. Small Luxury Hotels of the World or SLH.com has the widdest collection of these type of hotels.

#2 Five-Star Hotels & Resorts

Ritz Carlton, Cancun
Ritz Carlton, Cancun

5-Star hotels and resorts offer some of the most luxurious rooms, the most dazzling views, some of the finest cuisine, and most impeccable service to be found anywhere. Resorts and 5-star hotels have an atmosphere of their own. Among the biggest names known worldwide are Shangri-la Hotel, Sofitel, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Conrad, Ritz Carlton, and many more.

#3 Private Villas & Home Vacation Rentals

Villa 15 Ayara, Phuket

Private villas are extremely elegant dwellings constructed in some of the worlds most beautiful locations. Their counterparts, the home vacation rental, is a slightly less well-dress dwelling which is effectively a normal home available for rent. Villas, in contrast, spare no expense in outfitting themselves with every luxury available. Private villas and home vacation rentals are available anywhere in the world but the best ones can be found in the Caribbean, Hawaii, France, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and more.

#4 Chalets

Image credit: leotrippi.com
Image credit: leotrippi.com

The term “chalet” began its existence describing the huts occupied by Arpitan herders. Later adapted to refer to a type of Swiss house constructed from wood with a gently sloping roof featuring eaves at right-angles. When the Alpine travel business became popular, the term chalet moved more into a general usage to describe a wide variety of vacation rentals not necessarily in an alpine style, though frequently located in the mountains and near ski slopes. Go browse chaletsdirect.com collection of chalets to rent.

#5 Château

Château_de_Chenonceau_-_west_view_from_Catherine_de_Medici_Gardens_1a_(4_May_2006)From the French word describing the house or manor of a major lord or nobility, in modern usage the château refers to a grand if somewhat medieval construct. In recent years, some of these sites have been renovated and re-purposed as luxury hotels or inns. With more in common with a castle than a modern home, the château offers visitors an intriguing place to stay.

#6 Penthouses

luxury-penthouse-Duplex-Living-RoomAt the apex of every luxury hotel, condo, or apartment, is one room above them all – not only in its literal physical position, but also typically in its amenities and comforts. The penthouse is almost always decked out in the very best the building has to offer, featuring massive rooms, stunning views, multiple rooms, private hot tubs and much more depending on location. Airbnb.com can be a great way of finding your next penthouse accommodation anywhere in the world.

#7 Luxury Yachts

LuxuryMotorYachtCharterIf none of the dwellings above suit your fancy, maybe you’d prefer to take up your accommodations on a luxury yacht. On board, you will find yourself want for none of the luxuries of a 5-star hotel, since they are all provided and personalized on these luxurious sea-faring accommodation. Luxury yachts can be available to charter for few hours or days as you wish. Find some of the best yachts and motorboats at charterworld.com.


Hopefully this has given you some insight into what available accommodations there are out there for your next travel. Plan carefully! Be sure to explore every available option that suits your requirements before making a reservation.