The desire to travel and its benefits require no age limit. Seniors enthused by wanderlust should be among those who experience the advantages of traveling as it creates opportunities to rediscover the world, sharpen the senses, and meet new people. 

Especially considering how many of our elderly friends and family members have held off traveling their whole life due to work and other responsibilities, their golden years are the best time for them to go out and see what else there is to experience outside the comfort of their home. 

For families planning an escape to Phuket with senior travelers on board, check out our list of soft adventures and activities that everyone will definitely enjoy.

Canoe Cruising Around Phuket by Big Boat

Photo: Phuket Travel Shop

The morning begins with refreshments at Ao Pao Pier to Phang Nga Bay, where Big Boat is ready to accommodate the whole family. On this trip, you shall explore the beauty of the Panak and Hong Islands.

For those willing, you may go further into the waters by canoe to enrich the experience. After touring the islands, you’ll be treated to a fantastic lunch on the boat and then continue to Nakae Island, where you may lie and play on the white, sandy beach. There’s also a chance to trek and see the sights in the iconic James Bond Island, named after the classic 1974 Bond Movie, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun.’

Private yachts tours can also be arranged for a more intimate and exlusive voyage of Phuket’s nearby islands.

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Take A Leisurely Stroll Along Thalang Road

Photo: Kitzcorner via Shuttershock

Rich in historical culture, Old Phuket Town flaunts structures and establishments influenced by the Sino-Portuguese style, including shophouses, religious temples, and well-maintained mansions. Snap photos in the area early morning or late afternoon when the sun is at its gentlest.

Furthermore, seniors who appreciate immersive traveling can walk along the busy street and try local ventures. Discover shrines and temples, and wander into shops that offer native Thai fabrics, clothing, and bric-a-brac that make great souvenirs. Then, pause and recuperate at one of the quaint restaurants or cafés along the street.


Visit Elephant Sanctuaries

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Elephants are beloved animals in Thailand. Throughout Thai history and culture, elephants have shared their magnificence and strength in labor, war, royal duties, religion, and tourism. Today, Thailand has a selection of ethical Elephant Sanctuaries that allow the pachyderms to roam freely in expansive lands with fresh, running waters.

Interactive half and full-day programs offer exciting activities that let people encounter and enjoy their company up close in their natural habitat and ways of living. Visiting tourists can take a calm walk with them across a beautiful backdrop of greens as they forage for food, or you may even try feeding them yourself. Watch them mingle with their herd as they cooperate and care for each other, or splash around with them as they bathe in the river. 

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Explore Phromtep Cape

Photo: Thailand Tourism Directory

Phromtep Cape, also known as ‘Laem Prompthep’ or ‘God’s cape,’ is a well-known attraction for senior travelers who will relish the dramatic sunsets in Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman Sea. The destination is a favorite viewpoint of tourists and locals alike due to its prime location on a hill at the brink of the southern part of the island. Additionally, visiting the viewpoint is a great romantic activity for couples in Phuket who wish to reignite the spark of their relationship. 

Parking space is abundant in Phromtep Cape, so visitors can watch the sunset from their cars. Moreover, you can stretch your legs and hang out on the viewing platform at the top, where you can witness the beautiful ocean and the islands of Noi, Phi Phi, and Racha Yai. You may also visit the shrine and lighthouse 200 feet above sea level for the best view. 


Watch The Siam Niramit Show

Photo: Siam Niramit Phuket

For a jaw-dropping immersion into Thai history, religion, and culture, book the best seats in the Siam Niramit Show. As you pass the entrance, many exciting pre-show entertainment areas await. You can explore the old Siam village that takes you back in time, flaunting the four different parts of Thailand, where you learn ancient practices and traditional daily living in Thailand. 

Some fun things you could do include riding a boat, learning the national dance and Muay Thai moves, and eating delectable Thai food from stalls or at the buffet dinner. Later in the evening, you shall witness a three-part world-class performance by hundred of performers in traditional Thai costumes and enveloped in stunning stage backdrops and effects. Expect a lot of music, dancing, acrobatics, and even martial arts.


Destress With In-Villa Activities

Elegantly styled living spaces overlooking the sapphire sea spark the imagination of experiential travelers. Image: Villa Amarapura in Phuket

Once all the activities are over, the best course of action is to take it easy and lounge the whole day in your accommodation, especially if you’re staying in a luxury villa in Phuket. These villas offer amenities you can use to pamper yourself during your vacations. 

The spa rooms are set up where you can hire a professional masseuse to soothe your body after a long day, or you can cuddle up with your friends or family and watch an excellent movie in the cinema room. Luxury villas also have private chefs who are more than happy to prepare food of any cuisine for guests. 

Traveling for seniors is a wonderful way for them to enjoy their retirement – one that is usually well-deserved. With all these activities available, travel will certainly be a happy therapy to improve their well-being, and everyone else’s for that matter.

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