Phuket is truly a magical place that has bewitched people for years—and with good reason. Its arresting natural beauty, warm and easy smiles of its people, and mouthwatering cuisine are just some things you would easily remember as you recall a trip in this tropical paradise. That’s why it has been a dream destination for many couples and newly-weds as it provides an exciting respite away from the chaos of their day-to-day lives.

Here is a list of 14 activities couples should consider as they plan their Phuket romantic getaway.

1. Witness the dazzling sunset at Promthep Cape

The stunning sunset hues as seen from Promthep Cape. Photo: Oliver Travels

There’s nothing more romantic than a picturesque sunset to cap off a day with your significant other, and Promthep Cape promises just that! This picture-perfect rendezvous point, one of Phuket’s most popular viewpoints, is known for its iconic tall sugar palm trees and also features The Lighthouse housing a mini-museum for you to discover.

2. Walk down Phuket’s dreamy beaches

Walking down the beach with the fine sand crunching under your feet, the sea breeze rustling your beloved’s hair, and the sounds of the gentle waves crashing the shore—what more can you ask for? Phuket is blessed with some of the world’s finest beaches that it’s a definite must-try once you’re there.

3. Experience Phuket’s world-class fine dining 

A chef presenting a dish to guests. Photo: Dee Plee Phuket

A world-class tourist destination needs to have world-class cuisine. You’re in luck as Phuket offers myriads of dining options for you and your special one. Expect nothing but gourmet-style cuisine meticulously prepared under the scrutinizing eyes and palates of Thailand’s top chefs.

4. Rent a private luxury villa

Guests enjoying total privacy by the poolside of a private luxury villa.

Nothing is more intimate than having an entire place to yourself. Why book a hotel suite when you can go big and have a private villa in Phuket just for you and your special one for days? Phuket has countless luxury villas ideal for couples and honeymooners that rival five-star accommodations offering utmost privacy. You have an in-villa staff that includes a dedicated butler to attend to your every need.

5. Have a nightcap at Phuket’s gorgeous rooftop bars

Dusk from atop the Kee Sky Lounge in Patong, Phuket. Photo: Kee Sky Lounge Facebook

Phuket is teeming with sky bars and rooftop clubs that it isn’t really hard to find one. The best ones are housed in Phuket’s many luxury hotels with some offering an uninterrupted view of the Andaman Sea. Toast to a day well-spent in any of Phuket’s fancy bars with a drink or two on your hand.

6. Indulge on a luxurious spa date

A couples massage in a serene setting. Photo: Banyan Tree Spa Phuket

After a long day of activities, there’s nothing more rewarding than a lavish spa date at any of Phuket’s premier spa centers. The Banyan Tree Spa, an institution on the island, is an award-winning spa located in Bang Tao Beach that offers an entire spa and wellness experience like no other.

7. Explore Phuket’s iconic Phang Nga Bay on canoe and kayak

Sea kayaking tours bring tourists to see the hongs deep inside the limestone.

Surrounded by its phenomenal limestone karsts and glistening emerald waters, Phang Nga bay has captivated the imaginations of both tourists and locals for years, so much so that one of its islands were used as a location for one of Hollywood’s 1974 blockbuster hit, “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Couples can go explore its neighboring islands as they navigate themselves in Phang Nga’s crystal clear waters.

8. Spend an afternoon out in the Phuket seas on a private yacht charter

Guests enjoying snacks and refreshments while on a yacht charter. Photo: Asia Yacht Agency

Nothing spells luxury more than an afternoon on  Phuket private yacht charters. Marvel at Phuket’s stunning sea and landscape while sipping freshly-chilled wine and feasting on sumptuous seafood courtesy of the yacht’s in-house chef and crew.

9. Learn what makes Thai cuisine tick

A variety of mouth-watering Thai food on a table

Food offers a unique perspective on one’s heritage and is the best way to teach yourself a deeper appreciation of a country’s culture. Phuket’s master culinarians are prime guardians of Thailand’s ancient food tradition. You’ll be lucky to work with these masters closer in many cooking classes on offer on the island.

10. See an entirely different world under the Andaman Sea

If you think Phuket’s landscape is breathtaking, just wait until you dive and see the Andaman Sea’s rich marine life. This activity is not for the faint of heart. But rest assured, you’re in good hands all thanks to Phuket’s professional diving schools and divemasters. For a relatively safer and more leisurely glimpse into the underwater wonders of the Andaman, snorkeling is also an option.

11. Go on a rum-tasting tour at Chalong Bay Distillery

A worker, painstakingly labeling bottles at the Chalong Bay Distillery. Photo: Chalong Bay Distillery Instagram

Learn more about one of Phuket’s finest local spirits made at the award-winning Chalong Bay Distillery. Featuring Thai sugarcane as its prime ingredient, you’ll get to visit and discover the distillery’s interesting history as well as taste its first-rate artisanal rum.

12. Discover Phuket’s Art Village

A thriving collective of artists tucked away in Nai Harn Lane, this eclectic commune features art studios and artsy restaurants that attracted artisans and aesthetes for years. You’ll find yourself in the middle of parties and exhibitions giving you a glimpse of Phuket’s diverse art community and culture.

13. Enjoy Phuket’s vibrant night entertainment with Simon Cabaret

Dazzling stage lights bathe performers of the Simon Cabaret

Brace yourself for a night of dazzling lights, flashy colors, and copious amounts of laughter with one of Phuket’s most popular night entertainments, the world-class Simon Cabaret. The 600-seater theater houses sold-out performances whole year-round featuring some of Thailand’s best impersonators and stage performers.


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