Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA) has joined forces with the Federation of Thai Industries Phuket (FTI Phuket) in a groundbreaking move towards sustainable tourism and becoming a standard-bearer for a world-class eco-friendly destination for travelers.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aims to support Phuket’s transformation into a low-carbon city, emphasizing environmental sustainability and promoting a Green Business Platform across Phuket and other provinces, propelling Thailand towards early Carbon Neutrality.

Mr. Somphote Ahunai, EA’s CEO, said, “The EA group is committed to supporting Phuket’s transformation into a Green Island; Low Carbon City, elevating its tourism and business sectors to world-class standards. We stand ready to collaborate with the public sector, private sector, and FTI Phuket to bolster and invest in Green Logistics and Green Electricity initiatives throughout Phuket.”

The EA group also stated five crucial aspects of green advocacy and its role in growing Phuket’s tourism. One of the five initiatives is utilizing Green Electricity solutions at Phuket International Airport to help reduce carbon emissions. Adopting electric vehicles (EVs) for transportation means and installing electric vehicle charging stations across Phuket were also discussed. Aside from that, deploying water-based tourism through E-Ferry services was considered, along with maximizing high-efficiency waste-to-energy power plants from the Phuket Municipality Waste Disposal Centre. Lastly, the EA group also developed an option for consulting and investment in other Smart City initiatives.

The partnership between EA and FTI Phuket signifies a significant step towards sustainable tourism, underlining the essence of standardizing environmental practices. As the initiatives take shape, Phuket’s journey towards becoming a Green Island; Low Carbon City anticipates being an example for other regions aspiring to achieve more eco-conscious tourism.

It does not end there; the EA group also strives to establish multiple Carbon Neutral projects within the year. Bounded by these initiatives are the hopes of establishing Phuket as the top choice for the world’s premier eco-conscious tourism destination.

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