7 Phuket Nearby Islands That Are Perfect For A Day Trip
7 Phuket Nearby Islands That Are Perfect For A Day Trip -- The Luxury Signature

Not only its pristine beaches and vibrant tropical lifestyle that made Phuket famous, it also has many secluded isles and islets surrounding the big island that are suitable for a perfect one-day trip.

Tranquility and lovely splendor characterize the region, boasting up to 39 satellite isles. Most of them are found on the eastern coastline where they weave a golden string of monumental oceanic attractions. The islands have vivid coral reefs suitable for any aquatic activities suiting divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Here’s our top 7 recommendations.



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Koh Phi Phi archipelago is highlighted by six tiny islands located on the southern tip of Phuket. They have plentiful of smooth sandy beaches. The beaches overlook limestone-rich and verdant cliffs creating panoramic views.

There are many attractions in this group of islands including Maya Bay, which is an amazing swimming spot and Tonsai East which is a gateway to the Long Beach and Bamboo Island spawns a tropical coastline. It is bordered by white sand and features lush vegetation in the center, mostly Bamboo trees. Loh Bagao Bay is the longest beach while Monkey Bay boasts a calm desert shore that is rich with coral reefs. You can explore the Monkey Beach, which is inhabited by monkeys. Moo Dee Bay and other coastlines are located in the east. There are luxurious resorts on these islands.



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Coral Island, also known as Koh He by denizens, is an entrancing entryway located at stone’s throw distance on Southeastern Phuket. The lynchpins of this island are Long Beach and Banana Beach.

The name Coral Island harks back to its snorkeling-suitable beaches. They are copious with exotic coral reefs begging discovery. The two beaches also provide scrumptious local eateries and drinks. There are many water sports activities apart from snorkeling like scuba diving, canoeing, speedboat rides, resort swimming and banana boat cruises. Hikers can trudge through the eastern tail beach to trek in a sprawling jungle.



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Koh Mai Thon is a small islet that is underpinned on crystal clear underwater explorations. You can enjoy snorkeling, fishing, boat cruises, sunbathing and diving. There are off-shore excursions and diving activities offered by travel and tourist agencies. It is a fortuitous tourist destination owing to its magnificent coral reefs, crystalline water, laid-back tranquility and powdery beaches.



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Koh Khai Nok is a tiny and triangular island that is ensconced in the Phang Nga Bay. It has a picturesque rocky headland and a tranquil white beach. The shoreline waters are copious with unique fishes; they are not repelled by human presence in the water.

In the middle of the island, there is a sequence of interconnecting souvenir shops, stalls, and restaurants. This island’s sandy beach merges with the golden Andaman Sea. Its compactness and beauty are unrivaled while it teems with diverse marine fauna.



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Ko Maphrao is also named Coconut Island and surreptitiously sits off the eastern Phuket coastline. The small island is a jewel inhabited by locals who have erected a series of huts hidden in a widespread green carpet of rubber plantations. It is a must-visit for bikers, campers and explorers who want to delve into novel islets in Thailand. It equally features transparent emerald water, powdery sands, and thrilling scenery. Yao Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island that you can enjoy afternoon sunbathing, swimming, cycling, fishing and strolling.



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Koh Yao Noi forms a pair of big islands in the heart of Phang Nga Bay and lies equidistantly to Phuket. The locals are known for tourist hospitality in an island rich with leisure activities including swimming, fishing, kayaking, walking and snorkeling. The island presents natural charms to travelers, including large rubber plantations, buffalos and rugged mangroves strewn across its lands. There are accommodative beaches on the east coast sitting opposite to rambling rice fields and mangroves. In the morning, an illuminating orbed sun emerging in the horizons is seen, coupled with rocky landscapes and abundant greenery, they make magnetic sceneries for Islanders.



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Koh Rang Yai is notched by a peaceful aura and is located five kilometers off Phuket’s eastern shoreline. Its famous spot is the western zone where there is a beach stretching one kilometer. It is treasured for a swimming-friendly current that takes swimmers across the beach while the waters are warm. This beach is ideal for snorkeling next to headland rocky structures, sunbathing and other water sporting activities.


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