Chartering a luxury yacht in Phuket in one of its world class marinas is an opportunity to experience some of the most stunning land and seascape anywhere in the world from a unique perspective, aboard a truly amazing craft.

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A watercraft designed and used for recreational and pleasure purposes, luxury yachts for charter in Phuket are impressively seaworthy and frequently featuring some of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship seamlessly melded with the highest levels of genius in engineering.

Available from 23-foot up to 76-foot, select from single-deck speedboat cruisers up to massive multi-tiered yachts with every luxury of modern living made available on the high seas. Larger yachts are exceedingly spacious and equipped to handle overnight stays by multiple guests in completely separate bedrooms. On the inside and out, these craft are truly a spectacle to behold, boasting some of the most beautiful exterior and interior design to be found anywhere.

Consider how many guests you wish to accommodate when chartering a yacht. If you are just planning a simple day cruise with a few friends, you may want nothing more than a basic single-deck or yacht with just one below deck cabin. For a large party or a multi-day adventure, select from huge luxury craft which can host up to 20 guests for a day cruise, and 8 or more overnight.


Rates vary between the selection of the specific craft, the date you wish to reserve and the length of the charter (one day or overnight.) The price includes the full services of the on-board staff, use of the ships equipment, as well as various other amenities depending on the package, often including transport to and from the yacht, refreshments and other services. Not included in the price is the fuel surcharge and additional meal charges.

Depending on the craft and the length of the trip, the smallest and simplest luxury private boat can be chartered for as little as $1,000 USD or less. The largest and most luxurious members of the fleet often run upwards of $6,500 USD. Prices vary and there is a craft available for virtually every price range in between these figures.


Phuket has no shortage of incredible island destinations for your marine adventures. To the north of Phuket, we find Phang Nga Bay – home to over 100 islands, ranging from small outcrops to mountainous peaks, this beautiful wonderland has captured the imagination of travelers the world over. To the south another incredible selection of beautiful islands awaits exploration, with the beauties of Koh Lanta and Koh Rok Nok. Krabi, the Similan Islands, Phi Phi Islands, Racha Islands: the list goes on. The wondrous spectacles around Phuket are sure to entertain and delight in any direction.


During your stay aboard the luxury yacht, highly trained, professional chefs are awaiting to cater to every whim and desire. Ensuring you are provided with a meal which is both delicious and nutritious, the huge catering menu provides a variety of options for every meal, from wholesome breakfasts, nourishing lunches, belt-popping dinners and irresistible desserts, you will be sure to be kept well-fed while delighting the palate with some of the finest treats the culinary arts can produce.


Organize a private event while cruising the waters of Andaman Sea. Be it a wedding ceremony, corporate gathering, bachelor party, or simply an intimate get-together with friends and loved ones, a luxury yacht can be a perfect venue for any occasions.

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