During its early days, Phuket was mostly visited and known amongst backpackers around the world. During the recent years, however, it has become a popular luxury travel destination as well due to the booming high-end property developments and new resorts and beach clubs in the island. Despite of the growth and changes in tourism, one thing has not changed – the white sandy coastlines and sparkling blue waters of Phuket remain to enchant every traveler that has set foot on the island. Here’s our top 10 recommendation of Phuket’s finest beaches.

1. Karon Beach

Karon Beach is a great place for anyone who wants to have a bit of fun in the surf. Perfect waves for light body surfing or boogie boarding, or just having some fun splashing in the waves. The soft sandy sea bed is quite forgiving even if the tide is high. At times, the waters of Karon are quite peaceful and tranquil, but when the tide is just right, very nice small to medium waves break poetically along the shoreline.

Sparklingly clean with shimmering white sand, Karon is a sight to behold. A long beach, the vast stretches of sand gently washed by the borders of the sea provide an enchanting location for a long day of relaxation or a sunset stroll.

2. Kamala Beach

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This gorgeous white sand beach is frequently nearly empty, giving you and your party the perfect chance to enjoy your own little slice of paradise. From November to April, the waters are calm and practically devoid of any waves, however between May and October there can occasionally be swells which produce medium to large waves, great for boogie boarding, light surfing or enjoying the motion of the ocean.

3. Kata Beach

Just south of Karon is Kata Beach, another fabulous white sand paradise. Within walking distance from the beach itself are all the amenities of modern resorts, a thriving nightlife, wonderful dining opportunities and a great place to take in the culture or make your stay in Phuket. A nice place for a swim or to get a tan.

4. Laem Singh Beach

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Laem Singh Beach is a small white beach (approximately 150 meters) located between Kamala and Surin, nestled in a hidden bay surrounded by palm trees. It has a feeling of secret beach, mainly because of its location and it is not as commercial as the others. The beach is situated under a very steep headland, which is not ideal for elderly or unfit. For those who are up for a tan, there are sunbeds available for rent. There are restaurants by the beach and massage service if you feel like having one after a swim.

5. Surin Beach

With a world renown reputation as a premier resort destination, Surin Beach has been given the title of “Millionaires Row” for its long list of incredibly opulent luxury resorts. Playing host to all of this magnificence and development is a truly awe inspiring natural wonder: Surin Beach itself. With gorgeous waters delicately filling out the gradients from sapphire to topaz to turquoise and beyond, every day at Surin is postcard perfect example of a tropical paradise.

Surin Beach is surrounded by some truly fantastic night life, dining, resorts, beach clubs, and some of the most beautiful houses and villas in Phuket. The beach itself is always a lively gathering place, making it a fantastic location to relax or to socialize, or to soak up all the wonderful offerings of excitement and adventure offered by the nearby sea.

6. Nai Harn Beach

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Nai Harn is a fantastic destination for those looking for a little more peace and quiet in their beach time. Although not far from some truly delectable restaurants, Nai Harn is relatively secluded and rarely crowded. It is an ideal beach for swimming, with gentle shallows, low tides and a gradual slope to deeper water. Fine white sand provides the perfect background for the waters shimmering blues and elegant hues of aquamarine.

7. Mai Khao Beach

There are very few beaches as incredible as Mai Khao. With a staggering 11 kilometers of pristine, undeveloped beachfront, Mai Khao is truly a spectacle to behold. The vast reaches of sandy coast greet the ocean in a beautiful symphony of natural harmony. The water at Mai Khao is nice for swimming, although the sharp drop off into the depths of the sea can make swimming dangerous from May to November.

8. Paradise Beach

Just five kilometers southwest of Patong is the beautiful Paradise Beach with white sandy beach with warm, clear waters. With plenty of sun loungers, this place is perfect for those who are after for a tan. There are also plenty of restaurants serving near the beach both western and Thai food. Snorkeling, kayaking, and body boarding are some of the popular activities that you can do. Paradise beach is also a good spot to observe local Thai fishermen at work on their nets and longtail boats.

9. Patong Beach

A true tourists paradise, Patong Beach is home to one of the eminent beach resorts on the island. A great place to relax on the beach (if you don’t mind the crowd) and get a tan, take a trip parasailing or enjoy one of the many other water sports on offer, or just have a nice dip in the sea.

Patong Beach is right next to a quite developed area, with plentiful nightlife and exciting attractions to entertain and amaze. Often the beach itself becomes a large extended party, creating a wonderful atmosphere of mirth and good times by the seaside. With tons of restaurants, shops, resorts and much more, Patong Beach is a fantastic destination for the beach, shopping, and the night life.

10. Bangtao Beach

Just a few minutes from Cherng Talay, a village where many locals live not so differently from their ancestors with farming and fishing, Bangtao Beach is a wonderful spot which manages to showcase the traditional aspects of Phuket and the more modern aspects of development. Along the six kilometer stretch of beach that makes up Bangtao, some incredible luxury resorts and their supporting gaggle of restaurants, stores and attractions make for all the accommodations of modern living just a stones throw from an incredible beach.

The beach itself is a vast expanse of white sand, featuring plenty of spots along its huge coast for swimming, water sports and much more.