From their iconic architectural features to the most subtle details of their interiors, nothing tells you that a luxury villa is indeed a piece of Thailand paradise more than its design. We have hand-picked 5 stunning villas from our collection that distinctly represent the country’s rich culture and artistry, at the same offers some of the most luxurious amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. Built in some of the most breathtaking locations, these beloved homes promise a stay that will leave you with a memorable holiday experience and at the same time, a deeper appreciation of this place we have come to call The Land of Smiles.

1) Villa Padma

Poised, elegant and charming is the Villa Padma named so after the beautiful lotus flower that proved the inspiration for its cascading, jugged build that consists of overhanging eaves and peaked roofs mimicking the buds of the flower. The villa is just as endearing as the source of its name with its exterior bordered by clear turquoise waters sharing occupancy with lush green vegetation that engulfs the premises.

Starting off from the outside, a delightful pebble-lined infinity pool with a raised pool deck offers you a slice of the watery heaven unfolding in the backdrop. Around this mesmerizing oasis, resides an assembly of 8 sun loungers, a floating nap, a pair of luxury beds, and a sunken sala. The latter is arguably the center of the exterior masterpiece- which includes a subtle garden of indigenous vegetation- providing a retractable awning to keep the sun at bay and soothing light-hue sofa seats offering perfect vantage points to watch sunrises and sunsets.

Venturing inwards, the living room is a scintillating air-conditioned space brought to life by high-roofed concave Thai ceilings punctuated by Roman themed high pillars and enormous luxury sofas. Keeping in line with native designs, the sleek kitchen takes on an open plan concept and an immersive media room completes the presentation offering a mammoth screen and an equally adept sound system for some late evening entrainment encompassing hundreds of movie titles.

2) Villa Yang Som

Villa Yang Som resides on the verticals of Surin hills which harbors enticing views of the jostling blue Andaman Sea neighboring the area. The opulent wooden interior and gabled roofs are in line with Thai customs providing this five-bedroom building- that stretches out across three levels- with a blend of past- century heritage and modern day technology. The latter comes in the way of the glass necklaced living room- complete with generous sofa layouts and an Xbox 360- and the fully equipped gourmet kitchen.

The cinema room avails a Blu ray player, a large projector screen, and similarly big surround speakers that redefine how you watch movies while it can also be turned into a children’s bedroom thanks to the presence of two pairs of twin beds. The dining room and bedrooms continue the customary bamboo flooring on display throughout the house which is quite reminiscent of the materials used in traditional Thai housing.

3) Villa Paradiso

This elegant villa continues the recurring theme of its predecessors perfectly utilizing wooden floors and sliding glass doors to complete the architecture with aplomb. The front of Villa Paradiso is home to a typical night terrace and a raised pool with bohemian-esque furnishings providing shade in which to savor the breathtaking outdoors. Contemporary artworks permeate all through the villa with a white color palette complemented to great effect by black edges and obsidian metal stilts diversified by the glossy brown of laid back timber.

Vintage chandeliers cling upon the elevated ceilings, a trademark native design that alleviates the standard ceiling for a broad and high canopy, while rustic decorations claim enchanting spaces across various rooms. The living room, kitchenette, and dining areas are informally but alluringly demarcated with the lounge, in particular, proving a spectacular space looking out to the seascape beyond the outside pool that seems to merge with the blue horizon. Fluffy white and an abundance of pillows style out the bedrooms that are complete with present-age furniture and various entertainment amenities.

4) Villa Analaya

Cast in a fairytale setting and in close proximity to the places and shops for tourists of Kamala in Phuket, Villa Analaya offers a compromise between the best of two worlds. The six-bedroom two-story is a mix of unadulterated nature which claims part of the residence in the form of endearing coconut trees with modernity sweeping across the structural design and prowess. The lawn is overrun by the vivacious green of grass while the general exterior is a nice pattern of silver and grey cobblestones that take up the entire pavement including the chubby stilts that hold the upper floors. A touch of enthralling Buddha folklore is on show in the yard with gorgeous engravings and tranquil statues adding to the lovely environment that surrounds a zero-edge pool.

The wat style roof borrows a leaf from Thailand’s religious inclination perfectly ushering us into a villa domineered by past-century wood for the majority of the interior. Wide beams tower gracefully above the fan-cooled living room where ceilings have purposefully remained visible to expose the brilliant schematic running above. This design also extends to some of the bedrooms with other rooms incorporating the cutting edge finishing of twenty-first-century ceilings. Amenity wise, the villa has everything you would ever wish for and the same goes for pretty much everything else. Villa Analaya is one of the very few luxury villas in Phuket with direct beach access.

5) Villa Sairee

Villa Sairee screams prestige from the get-go with the two-tier paneled and tapered roof a Thai emblem of royalty and importance. Sat behind golden sands with overlooking trees and an abundance of beguiling nature laying siege to the distance in between, the structure is a mass of modernity in three acres of unperturbed soils. An L-shaped marbled pool sits to the side of the front opposite to a vast wooden terrace fashioned with an antique dining table for outdoor meals. A private trampoline and winsome sun loungers complete the outdoor facilities.

Water-hyacinth sofas take up the living room which has a customary high ceiling with gentle curves while its walls are filled with various art and enthralling decorations spanning from room to room. The long teak table in the dining area is the highlight of the section as smooth timber is implored for the lion’s share of the villa’s architecture. Rounding off the generous 9-bedroom wonder is an outdoor cabin which offers a slice of the authentic traditional Thai villa design of yesteryears. Built on broad stilts leaning inwards, the cabin is a lovely dark shade with a minimalist touch incorporating few furnishings in order to preserve the house’s nostalgic theme. Villa Sairee is truly one of those luxury Koh Samui villas that will give you the feeling of being in a Thai home.


A good vacation isn’t quite complete without the luxurious treatment of a secluded yet enthralling modern-day villa, and the above described herein are easily worthy of being the main reason for the holiday itself.

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