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Villa Sairee

Koh Samui, Thailand


Resting majestically along the southern coast of Koh Samui Island is Villa Sairee, — the 9-bedroom beachfront property covering three full acres of vacation luxury and exclusivity. This traveler’s dream is an inspiration of nature, situated in the midst of vast vegetation, such as tall palm trees and towering trees, facing the ocean. Villa Sairee is entirely built out of wood and also features a charming rice barn which has been completely redesigned as a private guest pavilion.

The villa’s two main pavilions impart a superb wooden-cabin vibe and house common areas and bedrooms, bordered by an expansive deck that overlooks the sea and neighboring islands.

In total, the two master bedrooms, Sairee suite, two guest bedrooms, and treehouse-looking big & small barns can sleep up to 16 adult guests. Every room is clothed with the finest bedding and hosts a superb ensuite bathroom. Some of the bedrooms’ five-star features include high-vaulted ceilings, flat screen TV, kids’ game room, breakfast table, balcony, private lounging, four-poster canopy bed, wardrobe, work desk, bathtub and much more! Waking up in the morning to peaceful nature scents and crashing waves accompanied by unparalleled vistas is genuinely a one-of-a-kind sensation.

Sitting under high ceilings and styled with water-hyacinth sofas, guests adore gathering in Villa Sairee’s gorgeous living room. The long dining table is perfect for an elegant night in or even a leisurely brunch. An experienced chef prepares exquisite Thai meals in the fully-equipped kitchen while guests lounge around and perhaps enjoy a movie in the comfy TV room. Villa Sairee comes with five dedicated staff, including a manager, to ensure a paradise-like stay.

To further complete the vacation fantasy, the outer portion of the villa includes a 15-meter long swimming pool, antique dining table with colorful seating, trampoline, sun loungers, kayaks, and even an entire tennis court. Whatever one’s taste in free outdoor activities, Villa Sairee will surely deliver and create the perfect beach getaway.

Guests will particularly appreciate taking a dip in their very own private pool and soaking up the sun in utter peace, feeling pampered like never before. For more adventure, explore the nearby rock pools, collect colorful shellfish or head off into the crystal waters on a kayak. After witnessing an incredible sunset by the ocean, guests can treat themselves to a delicious dinner alfresco style, as an end to a perfect day in tropical paradise.

Villa Sairee also includes 24-hour security, wifi throughout the villa and Continental breakfast.

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Rental Rates


06-Jul-2130-Sep-212 NIGHTS$1,950++
01-Oct-2110-Oct-213 NIGHTS$2,350++
11-Oct-2112-Dec-212 NIGHTS$1,950++
13-Dec-2117-Dec-213 NIGHTS$2,350++
18-Dec-2131-Dec-217 NIGHTS*$3,800++
01-Jan-2205-Jan-227 NIGHTS*$3,800++
06-Jan-2210-Jan-223 NIGHTS$2,350++
11-Jan-2227-Jan-222 NIGHTS$1,950++
28-Jan-2207-Feb-225 NIGHTS$2,900++
08-Feb-2231-Mar-222 NIGHTS$1,950++
01-Apr-2213-Apr-223 NIGHTS$2,350++
14-Apr-2225-Apr-225 NIGHTS$2,900++
26-Apr-2230-Jun-222 NIGHTS$1,950++
01-Jul-2231-Aug-223 NIGHTS$2,350++
01-Sep-2230-Sep-222 NIGHTS$1,950++
01-Oct-2207-Oct-223 NIGHTS$2,350++
08-Oct-2211-Dec-222 NIGHTS$1,950++
12-Dec-2216-Dec-223 NIGHTS$2,350++
17-Dec-2231-Dec-227 NIGHTS*$3,800++
01-Jan-2305-Jan-237 NIGHTS*$3,800++


06-Jul-2130-Sep-212 NIGHTS$1,800++
01-Oct-2110-Oct-213 NIGHTS$2,150++
11-Oct-2112-Dec-212 NIGHTS$1,800++
13-Dec-2117-Dec-213 NIGHTS$2,150++
18-Dec-2131-Dec-217 NIGHTS*$3,500++
01-Jan-2205-Jan-227 NIGHTS*$3,500++
06-Jan-2210-Jan-223 NIGHTS$2,150++
11-Jan-2227-Jan-222 NIGHTS$1,800++
28-Jan-2207-Feb-225 NIGHTS$2,650++
08-Feb-2231-Mar-222 NIGHTS$1,800++
01-Apr-2213-Apr-223 NIGHTS$2,150++
14-Apr-2225-Apr-225 NIGHTS$2,650++
26-Apr-2230-Jun-222 NIGHTS$1,800++
01-Jul-2231-Aug-223 NIGHTS$2,150++
01-Sep-2230-Sep-222 NIGHTS$1,800++
01-Oct-2207-Oct-223 NIGHTS$2,150++
08-Oct-2211-Dec-222 NIGHTS$1,800++
12-Dec-2216-Dec-223 NIGHTS$2,150++
17-Dec-2231-Dec-227 NIGHTS*$3,500++
01-Jan-2305-Jan-237 NIGHTS*$3,500++


06-Jul-2130-Sep-212 NIGHTS$1,650++
01-Oct-2110-Oct-213 NIGHTS$1,950++
11-Oct-2112-Dec-212 NIGHTS$1,650++
13-Dec-2117-Dec-213 NIGHTS$1,950++
18-Dec-2131-Dec-217 NIGHTS*$3,200++
01-Jan-2205-Jan-227 NIGHTS*$3,200++
06-Jan-2210-Jan-223 NIGHTS$1,950++
11-Jan-2227-Jan-222 NIGHTS$1,650++
28-Jan-2207-Feb-225 NIGHTS$2,400++
08-Feb-2231-Mar-222 NIGHTS$1,650++
01-Apr-2213-Apr-223 NIGHTS$1,950++
14-Apr-2225-Apr-225 NIGHTS$2,400++
26-Apr-2230-Jun-222 NIGHTS$1,650++
01-Jul-2231-Aug-223 NIGHTS$1,950++
01-Sep-2230-Sep-222 NIGHTS$1,650++
01-Oct-2207-Oct-223 NIGHTS$1,950++
08-Oct-2211-Dec-222 NIGHTS$1,650++
12-Dec-2216-Dec-223 NIGHTS$1,950++
17-Dec-2231-Dec-227 NIGHTS*$3,200++
01-Jan-2305-Jan-237 NIGHTS*$3,200++


06-Jul-2130-Sep-212 NIGHTS$1,500++
01-Oct-2110-Oct-213 NIGHTS$1,750++
11-Oct-2112-Dec-212 NIGHTS$1,500++
13-Dec-2117-Dec-213 NIGHTS$1,750++
18-Dec-2131-Dec-217 NIGHTS*$2,900++
01-Jan-2205-Jan-227 NIGHTS*$2,900++
06-Jan-2210-Jan-223 NIGHTS$1,750++
11-Jan-2227-Jan-222 NIGHTS$1,500++
28-Jan-2207-Feb-225 NIGHTS$2,150++
08-Feb-2231-Mar-222 NIGHTS$1,500++
01-Apr-2213-Apr-223 NIGHTS$1,750++
14-Apr-2225-Apr-225 NIGHTS$2,150++
26-Apr-2230-Jun-222 NIGHTS$1,500++
01-Jul-2231-Aug-223 NIGHTS$1,750++
01-Sep-2230-Sep-222 NIGHTS$1,500++
01-Oct-2207-Oct-223 NIGHTS$1,750++
08-Oct-2211-Dec-222 NIGHTS$1,500++
12-Dec-2216-Dec-223 NIGHTS$1,750++
17-Dec-2231-Dec-227 NIGHTS*$2,900++
01-Jan-2305-Jan-237 NIGHTS*$2,900++


06-Jul-2130-Sep-212 NIGHTS$100++
01-Oct-2110-Oct-213 NIGHTS$100++
11-Oct-2112-Dec-212 NIGHTS$100++
13-Dec-2117-Dec-213 NIGHTS$100++
18-Dec-2131-Dec-217 NIGHTS*Included
01-Jan-2205-Jan-227 NIGHTS*Included
06-Jan-2210-Jan-223 NIGHTS$100++
11-Jan-2227-Jan-222 NIGHTS$100++
28-Jan-2207-Feb-225 NIGHTS$200++
08-Feb-2231-Mar-222 NIGHTS$100++
01-Apr-2213-Apr-223 NIGHTS$100++
14-Apr-2225-Apr-225 NIGHTS$200++
26-Apr-2230-Jun-222 NIGHTS$100++
01-Jul-2231-Aug-223 NIGHTS$100++
01-Sep-2230-Sep-222 NIGHTS$100++
01-Oct-2207-Oct-223 NIGHTS$100++
08-Oct-2211-Dec-222 NIGHTS$100++
12-Dec-2216-Dec-223 NIGHTS$100++
17-Dec-2231-Dec-227 NIGHTS*Included
01-Jan-2305-Jan-237 NIGHTS*Included


06-Jul-2130-Sep-212 NIGHTS$200++
01-Oct-2110-Oct-213 NIGHTS$200++
11-Oct-2112-Dec-212 NIGHTS$200++
13-Dec-2117-Dec-213 NIGHTS$200++
18-Dec-2131-Dec-217 NIGHTS*Included
01-Jan-2205-Jan-227 NIGHTS*Included
06-Jan-2210-Jan-223 NIGHTS$200++
11-Jan-2227-Jan-222 NIGHTS$200++
28-Jan-2207-Feb-225 NIGHTS$400++
08-Feb-2231-Mar-222 NIGHTS$200++
01-Apr-2213-Apr-223 NIGHTS$200++
14-Apr-2225-Apr-225 NIGHTS$400++
26-Apr-2230-Jun-222 NIGHTS$200++
01-Jul-2231-Aug-223 NIGHTS$200++
01-Sep-2230-Sep-222 NIGHTS$200++
01-Oct-2207-Oct-223 NIGHTS$200++
08-Oct-2211-Dec-222 NIGHTS$200++
12-Dec-2216-Dec-223 NIGHTS$200++
17-Dec-2231-Dec-227 NIGHTS*Included
01-Jan-2305-Jan-237 NIGHTS*Included
*10 days if Christmas and New Year
++ will be added to the above rates: 10% service charge and 7.7% government tax
Holiday Rental Insurance
We take the security and safety of our hosts and guests very seriously. We strongly recommend that you secure a holiday rental insurance when you book one of our villas. During the booking process, you will be asked in the form whether you opt for insurance or not. Read more about Insurance Policy.
Features & Amenities
  • Total Land Size — 7,680 sqm
  • Total Villa Size —  2,500 sqm
  • Total of 7 bedrooms + 2 kids bedrooms with 9 ensuites
    • 1 Suite bedroom (1 King Bed)
    • 2 Guest bedrooms (2 King Beds or 4 Single Beds)
    • 2 Barn bedrooms (2 King Beds or 4 Single Beds)
    • 2 Family bedrooms (2 King Beds & 2 Bunk beds – sleep 4 kids)
  • Beachfront villa with direct beach access
  • Swimming pool (15 x 7 meters, Depth 1 to 1.5 meters, Chlorine treatment)
  • Spacious lawn
  • Outdoor and indoor dining possibilities with sea view
  • TV room
  • Tennis court
  • Ping pong table
  • Trampoline
  • Volleyball, Badminton possibilities
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Board
  • High-speed wireless Internet throughout the villa
  • 24-hour security
  • First Aid Kit

Family Master Bedroom 1 — King size bed; Sea view; Work desk; Walk-in closet; Safety box; Air conditioning; Ceiling fan; Ensuite bathroom with Bathtub, Vanity, and Toilet; Outdoor rain shower; Toiletries; Hair dryer; Bathrobes; Slippers; Terrace with 4 sun beds; Connected to a Kids Bedroom with bunk bed with own ensuite with Shower, Vanity, and Toilet

Family Master Bedroom 2 — King size bed; Sea view; Work desk; Walk-in closet; Safety box; Air conditioning; Ceiling fan; Ensuite bathroom with Bathtub, Vanity, and Toilet; Outdoor rain shower; Toiletries; Hair dryer; Bathrobes; Slippers; Terrace with 4 sun beds; Connected to a Kids Bedroom with bunk bed with his ensuite with Shower, Vanity, and Toilet

Sairee Suite — Sea view; King size bed; Walk-in closet; Work desk; Seating for 4 persons with coffee table; Dining table with 2 chairs; Kitchenette with fridge and kettle; Safety box; 32-inch TV; DVD player; Ceiling fans; Air conditioning; Ensuite bathroom with Outdoor rain shower & shower, Double vanities, and Toilet; Toiletries; Hairdryer

Guest Bedroom 1 — King or 2 single beds; Sea view; Work desk; Walk-in closet; Safety box; Air conditioning; Ceiling fan; Ensuite bathroom with Bathtub, Vanity, and Toilet; Outdoor rain shower; Toiletries; Hair dryer; Bathrobes; Slippers; Terrace with seating for 9 persons

Guest Bedroom 2 — King or 2 single beds; Sea view; Work desk; Walk-in closet; Safety box; Air conditioning; Ceiling fan; Ensuite bathroom with Bathtub, Vanity, and Toilet; Outdoor rain shower; Toiletries; Hair dryer; Bathrobes; Slippers; Terrace with seating for 9 persons

Big Barn — King or 2 single beds; Sea & garden views; Living area with seating for 6 persons; Closet; Work Desk; Safety box; Air conditioning; Ceiling fan; Ensuite bathroom with Outdoor rain shower & shower, Vanity, and Toilet; Toiletries; Hair dryer; Bathrobes; Slippers; Lower level with table & 4 chairs, lounge area for 5 persons, powder room with fridge & toilet

Small Barn — King or 2 single beds; Sea & garden views; Closet; Table with 4 chairs; Air conditioning; Ceiling fan; Ensuite bathroom with Outdoor rain shower, Vanity, and Toilet; Toiletries; Hair dryer; Bathrobes; Slippers

Staff & Services
  • 5 staff members included Private chef (Food not included)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Complimentary two-way airport transfer
  • Complimentary daily continental breakfast
  • Guest experience service
  • Baby cots and high chairs
  • Car hire (extra charge)
  • Van with driver upon request (extra charge)
  • In-house massage (extra charge)
  • Laundry service (extra charge)
  • Wine menu with a selection of champagne, red, white, and rose wine (extra charge)
Terms & Conditions
Download Terms & Conditions in PDF
Nearest AirportSAMUI AIPORT30 KM
Nearest FerryRAJA12 KM
Nearest BeachAT THE ESTATE0 KM
Nearest RestaurantLAMAI AREA12 KM
Nearest BarLAMAI AREA12 KM
Nearest Tennis courtAT THE VILLA0 KM
Nearest SupermarketTESCO10 KM
Nearest International Shopping CenterCENTRAL FESTIVAL25 KM
Floor Plans
CLICK HERE to view/download floor plans.
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Villa Sairee
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Amit M. on Villa Sairee

If you want to experience authentic Thai hospitality, traditional luxury Thai home, great food, fantastic beachfront atmosphere, this villa is a perfect choice. Abundant in space for kids and adults to play around from the lawn to the pool, tennis court, to the white beach in front, we never ran out of fun activities to do. We will surely book this villa again. Thank you to all the staff for the amazing service!

by Ranya M. on Villa Sairee

One of a kind villa in Koh Samui. The Thai design architecture of the villa made us feel at home in Thailand. The white beach just a step away from the villa was pure gold. Plenty of outdoor spaces. Our family enjoyed the stay and will miss the smiles and great services we received from the staff. We truly treasure the experience.

by Elias W. on Villa Sairee

The villa is designed in a very traditional Thai way which makes it really special compared to other villas we stayed at in Koh Samui. Everyone in my family had a great time specially our children. What even made this villa special is the staff. They sure know how to take care of us. Thank you and we are looking forward to booking your villa again.

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Location:Koh Samui, Thailand
Rates: From USD 1,950 per night
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 9
Maximum Guests: 16
Dedicated Staff: 5


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