Childhood experiences of summer holidays can really shape character and confidence, creating happy memories to last into adulthood. Luxury private villas are a perfect way to relax and have fun with family, offering all the convenience and comfort of an exclusive home-like setting. Kids are happiest playing in the pool, setting out on an adventure, and spending time at the beach. Here are some handy tips on how to make a luxury villa holiday in the sun extra special for kids.


1. Take scrapbooks and art supplies

From collecting postcards to seashell from the seashore, scrapbooking may be a lost tradition, but it is a wonderful way for children to pass the time and create a memento of their holiday. Take big scrapbooks away with you along with paints, paper, and an art box so that kids can indulge their artistic side.


2. Inspire imagination and creative writing

Use your luxury villa setting as a basis for a short story. Perhaps spending time in the villa’s gardens could spark off a story about a fairytale secret land. What about a tale exploring a magical jungle or adventures at sea with a castaway, desert island plot? Tell your own stories as you explore the villa to inspire their imaginations.


3. Get kids to create a photo montage or short film

Kids love being creative and taking interesting holiday snaps to artistically arrange in one big photoboard if fun and satisfying. They can also create a photo slideshow and even a video of their holiday experiences. Older kids and teens love taking selfies and updating social media and a visual account of their holiday is great focus for all ages.


4. Invite kids to a midnight feast

It does not have to be exactly at midnight, but youngsters love the idea of doing something out of the ordinary. As a special treat, let children go to bed and pre-arrange the event so that when you all sneak into the kitchen there are lots of snacks already prepared. Let kids stay up talking a little so that they feel like conspirators and they will always remember this night.


5. Plan a slumber party

Create some fun one evening where the whole family, or just the kids, get into their nightwear early and enjoys a themed night. You could do spa treatments such as face masks, play games or watch a movie in your private cinema room with popcorn. Relaxed activities are preferable to high-energy pursuits.


6. Turn off technology

Whilst youngsters may pine for their smartphones and sulk for a while if you take them away, a luxury villa holiday offers so many alternatives they will soon forget they ‘need’ to stay connected. Adults are always being advised to tune out of work and their emails, and children also need time off too. Give them a break from updating their status on social media and communicating with friends in a digital world. Related: A Guide to Taking a Digital Detox


7. Join in the fun

At home you all have your busy lives and set roles. The luxury of a holiday villa is that you can loosen up and be as carefree as the kids. Be part of their interests and activities, and spark their imaginations with your own creative ideas and innocent love of life.


8. Learn a new skill and enjoy new experiences

A luxury villa destination such as Bali or Thailand, promises a rich world of holiday adventure and an opportunity for youngsters to try out new potential hobbies. Get them to list a few activities they would like to do and bring learning into the experience. If they try something different then they will have a great sense of achievement which is great for their personal development.


9. Create a list of holiday challenges

At the start of the vacation give each child a ‘to do’ list of fun and interesting things to achieve. This might include collecting seashells, spotting wildlife, and some physical challenges as well. During their holiday kids can tick off each task, with a special end-of-holiday surprise if they complete them all. This is a great way to not just activate kids, but keep them occupied, involved and engaged.


10. Organize a treasure hunt

Create a mystery trail with clues hidden around the villa grounds, with each piece of the puzzle leading to the next. You could hide small gifts along the way too and even give the hunt a theme. If you want to make the activity more elaborate, get kids to dress up and give them roles to play, whether a detective, beachcomber or pirate. Give them a set time to find the hidden treasure by to add to the excitement.


A luxury villa holiday is a dream come true for youngsters. Inject imagination, education, and activities into the experience and create a magical vacation they will remember forever.