We live in a world of 24/7 connectivity. At home, work and even during leisure time, staying connected, while convenient, can create a build-up of stress. With demands on your time and energy, is it time you take a break from technology and go off-grid on a luxury retreat in the sun?

Checking emails by the pool, browsing online as the sun goes down, and waking in a paradise destination to instant messages each morning is hardly relaxation-inducing. As you open the door of your luxury accommodation, think about the benefits of closing your devices down and taking a well-earned digital detox vacation.

Now breathe in some good old-fashioned fresh air, download your stress levels, and enjoy the freedom of a holiday by the sea or in the green glory of a stunning vacation destination such as Phuket, Koh Samui or Bali.

Why do you need a digital detox vacation?

The question might be, why do you not need a digital detox vacation? If you need some encouragement to tune out and turn off, then here are 9 great reasons.

You browse and never read a bookhow long is it since you picked up a paperback? Have you forgotten just how enjoyable it is to while away the hours on holiday with a good book by the pool?

You multitask with different devices, losing focus along the wayflipping from your smartphone to tablet to computer, not to mention all the apps along the way, is a strain for your concentration and can lead to brain fog. Improve productivity and creativity by breaking the electronic chain.

Your body and mind are device wearyhunched over a screen, tapping away, searching for information, as well as always updating and communicating zaps time and energy. If you feel like a slave to technology or your handheld device is akin to an extra limb, it is time to break free. Do you react like Pavlov’s Dogs every time an alert rings?

So you can communicate betterit is interesting that devices aimed at communication can lead to people sat together not speaking and only half listening. Having a real conversation with a real life person without any digital interruptions is real

To spend quality time with loved onestaking ‘just one quick call’ and sending ‘just a quick email’ can take you away from entering into the holiday spirit with your fellow travelers. Giving your time to others wholeheartedly is rewarding and on a luxury vacation an opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

You need to be more activethe times you spend hooked up to a device you could be keeping fit or at least getting about a bit more, and doing something a little more interesting, whether swimming a few laps, walking in nature or taking a stroll along soft sands by the sea.

To see and interact with the world around youif you view the world around you through your digital screen, then it could be time to open your eyes, close your device, and really see the world clearly. Wake up, smell the coffee, and enjoy the luxury holiday lifestyle such as a private luxury villa rental holiday affords.

To live in the momentalways planning or reacting online? What about the here and now? Not thinking ahead or mulling over past emails puts you firmly in the present. Relaxing into a holiday requires you to be present and open to each new, exhilarating experience.

You are burned out technology often enables work to stretch its time-hungry tendrils around your vacation. Not only that, but if you are pounding your devices during your working week then you may start your holiday feeling frazzled and in need of some time out and some heartfelt R&R. Stress can lead to all sorts of health issues too, and a holiday is the perfect excuse to redress that imbalance and switch off.

In short, a digital detox vacation can be beneficial to your mood, health, relationships, and even your work.

How do you do a digital detox vacation?

Parting is such sweet sorrow. For many, a vacation without an electronic device may sound a frightening proposition. However, it may be that you secretly relish the thought of being footloose and fancy free and enjoying a care-free break away from it all. Try leaving most of your devices at home and just keep one phone as an emergency contact. Lock up devices in a safe or hand them to a holiday companion out of temptation’s way.

If a total detox is not feasible, then consider seriously restricting your time by allocating specific short windows when you are reachable. You can even download apps like BreakFree, Offtime, and AppDetox to limit your browsing capabilities. Before you set off on your vacation retreat, put in place email responses explaining that you are not available, offer alternative emails, and if needed, an emergency contact number.