A villa vacation in a breathtaking location is an incredible way to spend your precious leisure time. There is no question about that. A glorious vacation experience; a wonderfully memorable holiday; a luxurious getaway. If you need a little coaxing to take time off to relax, then remind yourself of all the reasons you need a villa holiday.

However, be warned if you are a first-time villa vacationer. Once you have chilled out in your own private villa, there is no turning back. Before you have even unpacked from a happy holiday, you will be looking forward to your next villa experience. So much so, that you may consider the merits of investing in a vacation home versus a rental. If so, weigh up the many benefits of buying a villa versus renting a villa for your future holidays with a quick guide of the pros of both.

Lower Costs VS Rental Revenues

RENT: Spending on a holiday villa is far more affordable than a huge investment on a property purchase, especially when you consider the level of luxury of your rented villa. Could you achieve the same quality within your buying budget?

BUY: While there is a bigger initial outlay to purchase a property, you may decide to cover costs through rental opportunities. This revenue could help reduce the amount you have invested and also cover ongoing maintenance costs.

Vive La Difference VS Familiarity

RENT: Vacations are about experiences. Spending holidays away in different villas can be really refreshing. You may want a different style of villa depending on your mood and also who you are traveling with. Families may want lots of activities, whilst couples may prefer a more chilled-out, retreat holiday.

BUY: Own your private villa property and it becomes your home away from home. There is something wonderfully comfortable and instantly relaxing about being able to pitch up to a familiar place. You immediately step into the holiday zone, without the need to explore your villa and find out what it has to offer.

No Upkeep VS Holidays for All

RENT: If you are not committed to a property, then you do not have to concern yourself with looking after other guests who may want a villa holiday too. You do not have a villa you need to keep guest-ready and when you shut the door in your rented villa, somebody else is involved in organizing the cleaning up and getting the whole place ready for the next holiday letting.

BUY: When you are not using your own holiday home you can invite friends and family to stay too. There is greater scope for more holidays. Not only that, but you may be more inclined for different family and friend combinations to stay. This flexibility can make up for the commitment you make with a villa purchase.

Hassle Free Both Ways

RENT: You find the villa rental you want, you contact the reservations team, and you go and enjoy your holiday in peace. There is nothing to really think about or be overly concerned with. The villa facilities and services offered are designed to cater for your needs; inspiring an easy holiday experience. There is no dealing with builders, designers, or architect plans because you are building, remodelling or renovating an existing villa. Related: Choosing the Right Luxury Villa for Your Holiday

BUY: Whilst there is administration involved with buying a property, it is a one-time deal and once the paperwork is signed stays become hassle free. You can make sure that all the villa specifications are matched to your preferences too so that you do not have any complaints about any aspect of your villa stay. That means once you have bought your perfect villa, holidays can be straightforward and fit with your individual requirements more easily. 

Design Difference VS Your Own Designs

RENT: Many luxury villas are designed in a unique and spectacular way, from state-of-the-art facilities to artistic décor and design details. Staying at different villas means you can experience the beauty of different designs that complement the villa space, the ambience of each individual property, and the surrounding landscape and natural villa setting.

BUY: From modernist minimalism to Art Decor, and from shabby chic to authentically indigenous furnishings and materials; there is incredible scope to express your own artistic creativity within your own villa. Design is not simply about aesthetics either, but also a way of playing with space and light to influence mood and ambience and complement the villa lifestyle of your dreams. With your own villa as a canvas, you can enjoy exploring your artistic and design sensibilities, creating your very own unique villa space.

Seeing the World VS Your Favorite Place Guaranteed

RENT: Exploring the sights and sounds of a new destination can inspire a sense of adventure. After all, variety is the spice of life and there is a whole lot of world to discover and experience. Aside from experiencing different villa stays, it is fascinating to visit different destinations and experience different styles of holiday. From a beach villa in Thailand to a Bali villa nestled in natural greenery, you can explore the world more easily if you rent a holiday villa.

BUY: Why seek variety if you have already found what you are looking for? Aside from finding the perfect villa to buy, you may have fallen in love with a certain part of the world. Knowing that you can keep coming back to the same place time and again is wonderful. You may not find another villa quite the same again, experience a view as amazing, or be in such an awesome location unless you invest in a villa purchase right where you want it.

Freedom VS Family History

RENT: Not having any ties with a property purchase can be liberating. It allows for much more flexibility in life and of course, in vacation time. Nothing is permanent and not grounding yourself means that you can fly high with a feeling of great freedom in what you do and the choices you make.

BUY: There is something temptingly nostalgic and romantic to create a family legacy; a holiday home that is the center of the family for years and years. Families can come together over generations and create a sense of history and tradition that is often amiss in the modern, fast-paced world.

Temporary VS Permanent Staff

RENT: Part of the appeal of a villa stay is the excellent in-villa service, from housekeeping to spa staff, a driver, and of course, your own private chef. When you rent, sometimes you need to change villa. This means you need to change staff and deal with new faces and character.

BUY: Your own villa staff know what they need to know about you, and that alone is a real luxury. Turning up to your own villa, you can be greeted by staff who understand your likes and dislikes, lifestyle patterns, holiday habits and all those little idiosyncrasies that make you who you are. This means that you do not have to explain time and again your food choices or the fact that you like to take a siesta in the afternoon before taking a drive somewhere. 

No Maintenance VS Free Holidays

RENT: Aside from the cost of renting a villa, there are no hidden extras such as maintenance fees. Yes, you may pay a deposit, but once you have finished your vacation, your payments conclude. You do not have to concern yourself or your pocket with ground maintenance costs and gardening, or general villa repairs.

BUY: Any property ownership comes with expenses along the way. Since a vacation villa is not your permanent home you can minimize costs and maintenance demands too. On top of this there is an important consideration, which is that you can benefit from rent-free holidays as often as you like.