From secluded white sands and azure waters to upscale beach clubs, Phuket has it all. In The Ultimate Guide to Phuket Beach Part 2, we continue our exploration of the island’s most popular, most secret, and most beautiful beaches.

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  1. Paradise Beach

Just 5km southwest of Patong, this 150-meter stretch of sand is known as one of Phuket’s most beautiful and stunning beaches. The tree-lined beach gives plenty of shade from Thailand’s blazing sun. Visitors here can explore fun and exciting activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving. For those who want to take it easy and simply unwind, the stunning views of Patong Bay work the magic.  

  1. Laem Singh Beach

Nestled between Surin and Kamala Beach, Laem Singh is a lively destination where guests can enjoy a gentle beach massage, a restaurant meal right on the beautiful shoreline and a wide range of water sports for leisure. The beach is tucked beneath a steep promontory, and the ancient boulders and jungle fringe give it a mysterious atmosphere.  

  1. Ao Sane

Ao Sane is surprisingly tranquil. The rocky cove is well known among locals as an excellent diving and snorkeling spot, but it is very rarely crowded with tourists. The natural and pristine environment is the main attraction and when on the beach guests need not worry about the scalding heat because the surrounding trees give perfect shade all day long. There is a simple, nice restaurant at the beach but if fine dining is preferred, the yacht club is easily accessible.

  1. Ao Yon

Close to the popular resort region on Cape Panwa, the tranquil little bays of Ao Yon Junior and Senior are separated by a rocky outcrop. They are quintessential tropical beaches complete with fine white sand, sparkling sea and overhanging coconut palms. These beautiful beaches are mainly residential. Operating a beach commercially is discouraged. Hence, the place is a quiet and relaxing place to spend an afternoon.   

  1. Nakalay Beach

With its charming pier and fringe of a deep green jungle, Nakalay seems as if it is a world away from Patong. Surprising, this enchanting beach is only 4km to the north of Patong or about 7-minutes drive away. Nakalay is home to the Tavorn Beach Village Hotel and often, hotel guests are the only ones privileged to experience and enjoy the hypnotizing charm of the beach.

  1. Pansea Beach

Just north of the bustling Surin Beach is Pansea Beach. This west coast beach is quieter than its neighbor, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. The coconut palms that lined up the shoreline offer great shade from the sun, The soft sand and uninterrupted views of the Andaman Sea provide a perfectly delightful reason to lounge idly outdoors. The path between Surin and Pansea has been blocked, so it is somewhat hard to access except by guests of The Surin Phuket or Amanpuri hotels which dominate most of the beachfront area.  

  1. Tri Tra Beach

This north-facing beach basks in sunlight all day long. It is just south of Patong and is not often  crowded. Jet skis, kayaks, and snorkel sets are all available on rentals. From both ends of the 500-metre long beach, there are numerous restaurants that serve delectable food. Guests can access the restaurant’s public bathroom facilities as well.  

  1. Freedom Beach

Usually reached by longtail boats from the southern end of Patong Beach, Freedom Beach is a secluded place perfect for relaxing or enjoying beach soccer and volleyball. The environment here remains fairly natural and unspoiled. The views are picturesque, and there’s no noise coming from jet skis or jet boats to disrupt the serenity of the place. There is one restaurant at the southern end of the beach and guests can always rent sun loungers and umbrellas.  

  1. Friendship Beach

One of the longest beaches on the island, the beautiful Friendship Beach is surprisingly quiet and tranquil. It stretches all the way from Chalong Pier to Rawai and is good for long, peaceful walks or horse trekking with the Phuket Riding Club. The tide comes up quite high, so it’s not always an ideal place for sunbathers. Two restaurants, one at the Serenity Resort and Residences and the other at the Friendship Beach Resort, serve delicious food during the day and free use of their pools.

  1. Khao Khad Beach

is a long, sandy stretch of beach to the west of Cape Panwa. Its sand is very white and soft and is the perfect place for taking long strolls or basking in the sun. The water is very shallow, and the sea floor has many sharp rocks. Hence, it is not ideal for swimming or other water sports or activities. An elegant restaurant, “The Beach Bar” serves Thai food and refreshing drinks on the beach.

  1. Panwa Beach

Just 8 kilometers from Phuket Town, Panwa Beach is great for walking, sunbathing and other sports done on the shoreline. The water is fairly shallow, so it is not really ideal for swimming activities. There are long boats available for rent for those who wish to explore the islands in the bay. The Cape Panwa viewpoint just above the beach offers breathtaking views. Shops and cafes are also found here.

  1. Laem Kha Beach

Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, Laem Kha is a favorite among the locals. It is framed with large granite boulders and surrounded by coconut plantations. There are no permanent beach facilities and stocking up on supplies in nearby Rawai is recommended.

  1. Nui Beach

This hidden cove, nestled below the jungle near Kata-Karon Viewpoint, offers many fun activities and deluxe services to its guests. The beautiful beach is constantly maintained by the Nui Beach Members Club. An entry fee is charged to those who want to visit the beach. Once there, guests can enjoy a relaxing massage or sauna. For leisure, guests can play volleyball, sea kayaking, and snorkeling. A restaurant and bar are set nicely among the coconut palms.

  1. Banana Beach

This secluded beach is often deserted and is a nice place for a romantic walk or for a private swim. Set between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches, it remains one of Thailand’s hidden jewels. It’s easy to miss Banana Beach from the road between the two beaches, so visitors should pay extra attention when traveling there.

  1. Relax Beach

As the name suggests, Relax Beach is a tranquil place to while away the entire afternoon. Situated close to Patong Beach, it is difficult to access except by boat or by staying at the luxury Le Meridien Phuket. Guests of Le Meridien get to enjoy the exclusive use of the beach facilities.

  1. Tri Trang Beach

Just south of Patong, in a secluded part of Phuket’s west coast, Tri Trang is one of the island’s best snorkeling spots when it’s high tide. The four-star Merlin Beach Resort takes up most of the beach area and has a number of really good restaurants and other facilities for its guests. Open-air massage is available on the beach.

  1. Rayee Beach

On the north-western coast of Phuket, Rayee Beach has a quaint and relaxed atmosphere. It is too shallow and quite rocky for swimming and snorkeling which is why there are no beach activities done here. What it does offer are some spectacular views. The “White Orchid” restaurant is perched on the beachfront and serves as a quiet place for conversation or reflection.

  1. Heeowhat Beach

Situated close to Phuket Town, Heeowhat is secluded, hard to find and evidently undeveloped. It is a good destination for those looking to enjoy and be in touch with nature instead of the convenience and comforts usually offered by resorts and hotels nearby.  

  1. Pak Phra Beach

At the northernmost point of the island, close to the Sarasin Bridge, Pak Phra is seldom visited by tourists. This not so known beach features an abandoned boat that can easily poke an interest to explore further or even just for photo opportunities. It is the local people’s fishing ground and guests have the opportunity to try traditional fishing methods or just enjoy a delicious meal at one of the Thai seafood restaurants.