Did you forget to bring something that you need for your holiday? Perhaps your favorite swimwear, sunglasses, or your beach footwear? Or maybe you just need to buy stuff and souvenirs to bring back home for the great memories of your Phuket holiday? Below are the 10 best places where you can go shopping for different items when in Phuket.

1. Central Phuket

Photo: Willy Thuan via Phuket 101

Central Phuket is the place to shop for everything. This shopping mall is divided into different sections that sell all the items you can ever need. The mall is air-conditioned with underground parking in case you come with your car. In the central store, you find clothes, toys, and household items. The B2S is the place where you find all books and stationery, super sport is the section with all sport related items. Other sections include the power buy, where you can shop for electronic items, and in Office Depot, you will find all office supplies. You can find almost everything in the central festival, Phuket.

2. Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Photo: City Developments Limited

This shopping complex located in Patong is the place to shop if you are looking for brand names and some good entertainment. In the stores you will find every brand of clothes, electronics, perfumes and sunglasses. For your entertainment there is a bowling alley and a five room cinema.

3. Jim Thompson

Photo: Jim Thompson Outlet via Tourism Authority of Thailand

This is a company which specializes in silk fabrics and has 8 branches in the island. Jim Thompson is well known if you are looking for fashionable silk clothing and accessories and some of the items produced by Jim Thompson include beddings and shirts. The eight branches include the central festival Phuket, katathani resort, the court yard, the canal village, Hilton Phuket Arcadia, le meridian Phuket, J.W Marriot and blue canyon country club.

4. Naka Weekend Market

Photo: Naka Weekend Market

Naka Weekend Market is located near Central Phuket, just a short distance from Phuket town. This is the place to go if you want to taste the local foods and a wide variety of second-hand goods. It is more interesting to just walk around the market and admire the curios, live animals, and the local delicacies being prepared. This is a place where tourists can learn everything about Phuket, from the food to the culture of the people.

5. Phuket Town Old Handicrafts Shops

Photo: Phuket Weekend Market via Andamanda Phuket

Ban Boran Textiles is the place to shop for quality clothing, such as cotton and silk. You will also find items like sandals and tribal bracelets.
Ban Boran sells all antique items, including baskets and Burmese wooden objects. If you love antiques this place is definitely worth visiting.
Think positive – Kit Dee has a collection of Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai clothing. In think positive you will definitely have a wonderful shopping experience.
China Inn serves Thai and other international food. It also sells cotton waist courts, Buddha images and shirts.
Siam Indigo is the home of mosaic art, Thai food, and women’s clothing. The prices are reasonable here, and you get excellent art and good food.

6. Karon Bazaar

Photo: Karon Bazaar Phuket

This is a beachside shopping place in the karon beach. This is a place where tourist can shop and they sell design clothes suitable for everyone. The prices here are pretty much higher but with a bit of bargaining you can get a good deal. There are bars outside where you can enjoy a drink after shopping. The kind of clothes sold here are trendy and they sell all kind of clothes from underwear to hats.

7. Banana Walk

Photo: Banana Walk Shopping Center via Times of India

This is a modern shopping mall in Phuket with three floors where you can dine, wine and shop. Banana walk has several food outlets where you can eat meals like chicken, spas to relax and a wine connection where you enjoy different wines and Thai food. On the third floor is where you find all kinds of fashion and accessories and you can still find sportswear here.

8. Limelight Phuket

Photo: Willy Thuan via Phuket 101

Limelight Avenue Phuket is a contemporary shopping mall situated in the heart of Phuket Town, offering a curated blend of retail, dining and entertainment options. Known for its vibrant and stylish atmosphere, the mall features a variety of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

9. Banzaan Market

Photo: Willy Thuan via Phuket 101

This market unlike the ordinary market is the place where you get everything fresh. The foods are fresh and all the products are well arranged to give the place a very exciting look. The building hosting the Banzaan market has a modern décor and style. Here you will find fresh fruits and juices and ready foods to eat.

10. Premium Outlet Phuket

Photo: Premium Outlet Phuket via Hotels.com

This is the place to shop if you are looking for brands with over 300 brands to choose from. They deal with different brands of sportswear, accessories and clothes. Children’s clothes and toys, handicrafts, and souvenirs can be found here. You will find silver cutlery, handbags and woodwork here.