Phuket is a tropical heaven with a host of things to offer from paradise-like beaches, thrilling watersports, exciting nightlife to world-class spa and accommodation. But like other dream holiday destinations, Phuket also has a slow season – and that’s when it rains and is occasionally hit by storms brought about by its monsoon climate.

However, it certainly doesn’t mean that Phuket is off-limits during the monsoon season. On the contrary, there are several things you could enjoy during this time of year.

Some of the things you can enjoy while staying at a private villa in Phuket on a rainy day include:

  1. Play Board Games or Computer Games

Game Room at Villa Paradiso

Board games are one of the easiest ways to pass the time and enjoy a rainy day in Phuket. Most of the private villas usually offer board games to keep their guests entertained while indoors. You can simply ask the staff for the board games of your choice. Monopoly remains a top choice as it keeps you and your companions entertained and hyped trying to become a millionaire.

If board games are not your thing, you can try computer or console games that are also available in the private villas. Check out the media or game rooms that are usually equipped with Xbox or Play Station – two options that can definitely help you to spend quality time with your family during a rainy day in Phuket.

  1. Watch Movies or Read Books

Cinema Room at Villa Love 21

For many travelers, there’s nothing perfect than reading a paperback during a rainy day. The advantage of staying at a luxury property is that you get to choose from all kinds of books and novels available in the library room or entertainment room. All you need to do is swing by the Library and pick an interesting title and spend your indoor hours hooked to fantasy, fiction, action or suspense!

Another option is to enjoy the cool weather watching a broad range of movies or TV series available in the media room or at some villas, the cinema room. Most luxury Phuket pool villas offer an updated collection of movies and TV series best viewed in a high-end home theater and surround sound system setup.

Some villas even provide Apple TV with a selection of the latest movies and TV series. Whatever you opt to do – reading a book or watching a movie, these are more than enough to pass the time on a rainy day without getting bored.  

  1. Soak in a tub

The various in-villa facilities at the luxury and private villas in Phuket often offer an amazingly relaxing experience even on a boring rainy day. Nothing can beat a warm bath in a spacious bathtub when the weather is wet and damp. Not only does it relax your muscles, but it’s also a perfect way to while away the time.  

How about sharing a romantic, warm bath with your special someone in a 4-seater oversized whirlpool? Most luxury villas in Phuket are equipped with this to allow the guests to enjoy an otherwise dull and boring rainy day, however way they prefer.  

  1. Spa Session

Bathtub at Villa Ocean’s 11

Who can refuse an opportunity to be pampered? An exclusive home spa at the villa is usually part of the services that the villa manager or concierge staff can arrange for guests. With a private spa available at the villa, who would even want to go out? Some villas even provide a complimentary spa treatment, so you don’t have to worry about what to do when it rains.  

  1. Cooking Class

Phuket offers a wide variety of delectable dishes. On a rainy day, you can take a cooking class. This can be arranged by your villa manager or concierge staff. Instead of getting bored and not knowing how to spend a gloomy day, Thai cooking class can both be entertaining and rewarding. Imagine going home with a new skill – that of cooking authentic Thai dishes! Check private villas that offer a complimentary cooking lesson as part of the vacation package.  

  1. Indoor Sports

Pool Table at Villa E Jomchang

Villas offer a host of fun indoor activities – to turn a rainy day into a fun day! You can try some indoor sports such as Ping Pong, Dart Board, and Pool Table. There are villas equipped with a Foosball Table and a Mahjong Table, which are perfect to help pass the time.

  1. Karaoke

Private Cinema Room at Villa Kalipay

Apart from high-end entertainment appliances and a top-notch sound system, a villa wouldn’t be complete without a Karaoke set. A rainy day would be a good time to sing your heart out and enjoy a good laugh with family and friends.  

  1. Party

Private Bar at Villa Love 21

When you have a private villa all to yourself, anything is possible. A private party can be organized within the villa premises, and you wouldn’t have to worry about intruders. The luxury holiday homes usually come with a bar counter – indoor or outdoor – where you and your friends can enjoy a drink or two. Do you prefer a nightclub ambiance? Let the villa manager arrange for you. A private party is an excellent way to liven up the atmosphere on a gloomy, rainy day.

  1. Gym

Gym room at Villa Kalipay

For health buffs, a private well-equipped gym and fitness room is usually available in the private villas. Tired of lounging lazily on a rainy day? The gym is just a few steps away from your room. Sweat it out on the different exercise machines or opt for a more quiet Yoga while watching the raindrops with the superb ocean view as the perfect backdrop.  

  1. Cultural Show


Who says you need to stay indoors all the time when it rains in Phuket? Far from the truth since you have the option to stay out and enjoy the numerous cultural shows and night entertainments available in Phuket – even on a stormy day. These show packages come with both private and shared transfers, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet to get to the venue. A traditional cultural show – Siam Niramit Phuket and Phuket FantaSea are held indoors, but you can also roam around the place for other interesting attractions within the premises.

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