Hotels and resorts are known to have all facilities and amenities that exist to facilitate and gratify guests staying at the accommodation. The quality of the facility and service largely depend on the level of luxury of each place. Whether it is an on-site restaurant or a luxury spa, these services certainly stand to please the guest. 

For the private luxury villa, there are special services guests rarely or never find in ordinary accommodations. However, you can find these particular services at an exclusive property such as a private villa rental. Here is a list of eight services you will find in private luxury vacation homes that may not be available at a hotel.

  1. Personal Staff

Villa Akatsuki, Koh Samui

One of the best things about renting a private villa is to have everything all to yourself. Guests do not have to share a thing with strangers because every facility, including personal staff, belongs only to one single party. Guests will have everything personalized by their personal staff, who will help to make everything and every need of the clients possible. This dedicated professional staff are trained to learn, understand and remember every detail of their guests’ preferences and needs. So, imagine someone who knows what you want before you even realize it – that’s how the villa staff work.

The number of staff at the villa depends on the size of it and sometimes the destination where it is located. Some of the villas for rent in Europe and the US do not have a dedicated staff. However, in Asia, such as the luxury villas in Phuket and the villas in Koh Samui, Thailand would normally consist of at least 3 up to 5 dedicated staff. But the luxury villas for rent in Bali, Indonesia would have a minimum of 5 up to 20 staff or even more.

  1. Dedicated Chef

Villa Praana, Koh Samui

At the hotel or resort, you will have to rely on the restaurant chef who has to cook by the book and not follow the individual guest’s need. However, It will not be like that in a private villa as each of the property features a personal chef who will dedicate his hours to preparing your favourite meals. This is also perfect for guests who have complicated dining habits or have a food allergy. All of these matters will be carefully noted  by the chef, and all of the meals will be provided accordingly.

  1. Home Spa Treatment

Preparing to pamper her guests at Villa Mekkala, Koh Samui

Staying at the private luxury home can benefit you in many ways, including having a personal masseuse to pamper you anywhere and anytime. The villa concierge or the manager can help guests arrange massage sessions at any place in the villa. Whether it is going to be a poolside sala or in a bedroom, it is all up to your desire. A personal masseuse gives guests the ultimate freedom to choose the time, the place and the treatment without any hassle, like when you go to the spa.

  1. Personalised Dining Venues

The View Villa, Koh Samui

A private villa usually comes with fantastic views that you will never get bored looking at. What you can do to make it more worthwhile is to make the most of it. At the villa, there are multiple dining options for you to choose from. Whether it is a spacious living room facing the ocean view or an outdoor sala overlooking the oceanfront, you can just simply choose which venue you desire to have dinner in, and the staff will make it happen.

  1. 24-hr Pool

view of pool at night

A swimming pool is usually the centerpiece of a private villa. The pool not only serves the purpose of good design and aesthetics, but it also offers a private swimming session for 24 hours without closing. Unlike other pools in hotels and resorts that have opening hours, there is no strict time within which guests can use the pool at the villa. Therefore, you can take a dip in the pool at midnight or have a morning swim anytime you feel like it.

  1. Full Privacy

Private Cinema room at Villa Sangkachai, Koh Samui

Unlike staying at the other kinds of accommodation, guests staying at the villa do not have to share a thing with anyone but their companions. This means you can have everything to yourself – a private gym, tennis court, and even a boxing ring for an active retreat, private swimming pool, theater room, spa room, etc.

  1. Private Party Venue

Private Poolside Bar at Villa E Jomchang, Phuket

Apart from being a vacation home, a luxury villa can also be a perfect private party venue. Most of them are set in private premises where you can make use of space as you like. This also includes occasions like a private party or any other gathering or function. Whether you are planning a poolside party or just a BBQ dinner, it is all possible at the villa. Some luxury villas even have their own nightclub fitted with a private bar, a stage, and a Karaoke set, making it even more convenient for you to hold a special party. 

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