Staying at a private villa can offer dwellers the most privacy when compared to other types of accommodation such as a hotel or resort. However, there are some important things vacationers have to take into consideration before booking a villa or vacation home. Holiday home rentals especially in Asia, work differently from the conventional accommodation and guests should be aware of some certain points to understand the villa concept and be ready for an exclusive holiday experience.

Below are seven frequently asked questions that we often receive from our guests that you may find useful in your search for a perfect private villa accommodation. If you need more information, go to our villa rentals FAQ page.

  1. Do we share the villa with other guests?

One of the most common questions we received is if the villa is shared with other guests. Although some of the owners will allow clients to book each bedroom separately, most of the private villas are rented out as a whole property. Sometimes, if a villa has five bedrooms, the owner might rent out by bedroom instead of the entire unit. In this case, the property’s facilities have to be shared by other guests, and that means reducing guests’ privacy.

Therefore, make sure to ask your agent or the owner before booking the villa to prevent any unpleasant surprises, especially if privacy is your major concern.

  1. Is there any staff at the villa?

Most villas come with a team of dedicated staff, but guests should inquire about the number of villa staff to set the expectation right before confirming to book. This is because each villa has different staff numbers – some offers just a few and some can offer up to ten staff or even more.

Guests should also ask if there is any staff stationed at the villa. In case of some urgent incidents at night, you have to know who to contact or call.

Also, ask if the villa provides an in-house chef and if it costs any additional fee to request the cooking or preparation of the meal during your stay.

  1. Is airport transfer offered as complimentary?

Before arrival, guests might want to know if there is any pick-up service and if it’s included in the rate. Some of the villas offer an airport transfer service, even to clients who travel in a big group. But some might come at an extra fee. So it’s  important to ask your agent or the villa representative about this detail beforehand.

  1. Is the food included in the rental?

Food is not included in the rental cost when booking a private villa. However, some of the villas offer complimentary breakfast; in most cases, you have to pay for the food and beverages at your cost. Also, ask if there’s any surcharge on grocery shopping service that could range from 10% – 20% of the total purchased items.

  1. What are the facilities at the villa?

A private luxury villa often comes with complete high-end facilities such as a cinema room, fitness room, a spa and sauna room, tennis court, private infinity pool, stunning views, etc. Normally, guests will have access to all of the facilities available at the premises. Read this post to know the common facilities at a private luxury villa.

  1. How is the payment done?

Paying for a villa rental fee can be done through either a bank transfer or credit card. However, there are some differences in using the two methods that guests should understand in advance. Paying through bank transfer will have no extra charge, so frequently agents recommend this payment method to their clients. While payment via credit card might be more convenient, an additional charge of 3% up to 5% might be applied.

  1. Is there a security deposit required?

Yes, most villa owners require a security deposit before accepting any bookings. It will be normally stated on the terms and conditions that could range from 1,000 USD to 5,000 USD – this depends on the villa owner. The payment method can be done through either a credit card or via a bank transfer.