If you are traveling to Phuket for the first time, and you do not know of any villa to rent, just follow this 3 simple steps. This will save you from disappointment and will sure make you book the right villa that you need for your dream island holiday.

1. Gather Information

Gather all the information that you need such as the total number of guests, how many adults, how many kids, and if you have anyone traveling with you who needs special attention. Would you prefer the villa to be beachfront, oceanfront, jungle view or on a hilltop with a stunning panoramic ocean view? What’s’ your budget per night? Specify your travel date (whether it’s fixed or flexible). Additional information such as the purpose of travel (if it’s for a family reunion, anniversary or birthday celebration, romantic getaway, etc.) may also be useful.

2. Start Your Search of a Villa Rental Company

If you do not know of any travel agency or luxury villa rental company in Phuket, no worries, search engines like Google and Yahoo are here to assist.

When you search, use keywords or key phrases that are more specific. For example, if you are going to Phuket, Thailand, and would require a ‘Phuket luxury villa with 5 bedrooms’, or you may want only to see the finest luxury villas for rent in Phuket, then you can use these key phrases and key it into Google search.

screenshot of a google search

Pick at least 5 websites that are most relevant to your query that shows up in the first-page result. Mind that the one in the top position or #1 position may not always be the most relevant. That is why you are provided with 10 options. You may even proceed to the 2nd page of the search result for more choices. Contact at least 3 of them or all of them as you prefer, and see who’s the fastest and most detailed to answer your inquiry. Of course, you want also to make sure that you are comfortable with the company or agency you will deal with.

3. Let the Agency Do the Thorough Search

Once you’ve chosen a villa rental agency that you are comfortable dealing with and that you feel you can trust, tell them what you require of a villa or holiday home. Present to them all the information that you gathered from the 1st step, and be clear for any additional special request that you may have. At this point, you may ask them any further information that you want to know about the villa and the area where the villa is located.

There are many areas where you can rent a villa in Phuket whether you want to be near the beach, on a hilltop, or a secluded oceanfront location. Ask the agent about the area, and the activities you can do around.

Booking Direct to Villa Owners

If you prefer to book through to the villa owners as opposed to booking to an agent, you may do so. However, the search may not be as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are hundreds of villas competing and the best ones may not necessarily be in the first page of google. But if you happened to find the villa that suits your requirement, make sure to search for reviews from its previous guests, and see if it has a dedicated villa website where you can find all information about the property, facilities, staff, and services.

Will there be a difference in rental rates? Possibly yes or maybe not. You will need to contact them directly to find out. Also read this article about the myth of renting a private villa.

In Phuket, there are not so many owners who manage their villa for reservations and marketing. In most cases, they hire an agent or a direct representative to do the work for them.

Featured Image: Villa Kalipay