When it comes to booking a villa, there is a common misconception that booking directly from the villa owner or the owner’s direct representative can mean lower rates. However, this is almost never the case. In order to ensure fair rates and to allow for cooperation between agents and villa owners, most villa rental fees will be the same regardless of what channel they are booked through. Assuming the villa owner or representative is fair, honest and upstanding with their agents and upholding to the agreement, there will be no disparity in price whether you book directly with the owner or representative of the villa or an agent. Learn more about the definition of villa owners, direct representative, and agents.

At The Luxury Signature, we act both as a direct representative to villa owners as well as an agent to some owners. In the case where we act as the owner’s direct representative, we always respect rate parity and value the equality and long-term possibilities it brings to the entire business.

Booking Through Agents

Booking through an agent provides many potential benefits over booking directly through the owner of the villa. The primary benefit is the agents knowledge of many available quality villas, as well as surrounding areas and popular attractions. Agents not only book your villas, they can help plan your entire trip and offer you tips and advice to make the most of your stay at any villa.

The most important part of whether working through agents, representatives or even directly with owners is establishing a level of trust. Regardless of the route the guest uses to book their trip, it is important they feel safe and confident in working with whoever they deal with to book their villa. A quality relationship with a good agent can lead to far better trips and exciting stays in some of the worlds most luxurious villas.

Booking Direct to Owners

If you’ve stayed in a particular villa before, or happen to have a relationship with the owner, there maybe no reason for you to utilize an agent. Agents are excellent for showing you the options available in an area, or finding accommodations to suit a particular party size or room requirements. But if you know exactly what you want, it may just be simpler to go directly to the source.

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