There is always a bit of fog of the unknown brought on with any new experience – a fog which can breed myths and half-truths. In this post, I am going to dispel 3 common misconceptions around private luxury villa rentals.

1. Booking directly through a villa owner is cheaper than booking through an agent

In the villa rental industry, owners, direct representatives, managers, agents and alike are all bound to respect a rate parity. As a result, a villa owner or its direct representative should never offer lower rates when dealing directly with guests or other agents. Any booking (provided it is a booking for the same season, number of days and guests, etc.) should have the same rates offered at all times.

The increased business brought to villa owners by the work of agents is quite substantial. In the long term, it is in the benefit of the villa owner to observe rate parity and keep agents happy to promote a healthy, prosperous business relationship.

2. You will be sharing the villa with other guests besides your own party

In just about every case, private luxury villas are only offered to a single party for optimal comfort and privacy. Whether you are alone, with a partner, with friends or family, a private luxury villa is exclusively yours to enjoy with your invited guests, including the use of all its amenities.

3. There is 24-hour service

While most villas have 24-hour security, rarely does the 24-hour service extend past this, except in rare cases where a 24-hour butler is offered. Many villas have live-in staff, who will indeed be on the premises nearly 24/7, however, they are only obligated to perform their duties within common working hours.