5 Alternative Ways to Experience Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and to call this place beautiful is an understatement. The island is definitely an international magnet for tourists because it is a real paradise. Phuket has it all – from long sandy beaches to out-of-this-world sceneries and excellent local Thai dishes. A visit to this world famous destination gives you plenty of options to explore the island and to have lots of fun while at it. Even the atmosphere in Phuket is surreal and dream-like, it makes one stunning vacation destination. So if you are planning to vacation at Thailand’s’ premier tourist destination, here are 5 alternative ways to experience Phuket.


Biking Tours


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Cycling enthusiasts will definitely want to try this. And you don’t really have to be a professional cyclist to explore Phuket while biking. Not only is it a good way to keep fit, biking around Phuket’s trails brings to close quarters with nature, and you enjoy the views of the open fields as well as those of stretching plantations. You get to meet the local people and interact with them – Phuket is a melting pot of different cultures and you will find the local people quite welcoming. Furthermore, a biking tour may just be the right way to explore Phuket at an unhurried pace and without the traffic that marks other popular tourist spots.


See the Island from the Viewpoints


Kata and Karon beach Viewpoint -- The Luxury Signature

Having said that Phuket is an absolutely beautiful place, it comes as a no surprise that it has lots of viewpoints. The view of the entire island from a high point immensely magnifies this island’s beauty. Favorite viewpoints that are also easily accessible include the Karon Viewpoint – it gives such magnificent views of the stretching beaches below and as far out to the ocean as the eyes can see. From Rang Hill Viewpoint, you get a spectacular view of Phuket town below. Other popular viewpoints in Phuket that will give equally impressive views are Radar Hill and Big Buddha viewpoints.


Take a Boat Tour

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Phuket consists of many small fishing villages, so boats both big and small are in abundance. Tourists can take a boat ride around the island just to drink in the beauty of this incredible place. The clear crystal waters allows boat riders to see the beautiful coral and the tropical fish and magnificent rock formations and some are so massive and imposing, they are a wonder to look at. Tourists can take a cruise around the island or visit the nearby island around Phuket such as Coral Island (He Island), Phi Phi Islands and Maiton Island using speedboats. For a high-end option, charter a luxury yacht.


Diving & Snorkeling


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Divers can explore Phuket’s waters by diving and snorkeling. This is arguably one of the Phuket best activities, and it brings the divers into the heart of Phuket’s diverse marine life. Some of the best snorkeling beaches and spots include Ao Sane beach, Banana beach, and Ya Nui beach. These beaches and snorkeling spots are also easily accessible. There is plenty to see underwater – exotic fish species, turtles, vibrant and colorful corals. It is the world rarely disturbed and often unexplored – but one that is truly magical.


Helicopter Tour


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What better way is there to explore the big and beautiful Phuket Island than by hopping into a helicopter and admiring the scenic views from high above? You will be amazed at how serene and vibrant the entire island looks like from the air. From up there, you can truly sit back and appreciate all the beauty of this paradise island. A helicopter tour makes a pleasant and memorable ride.

The Luxury Signature

The Luxury Signature

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