The weather in Bali is sunny and hot in general, as this small Indonesian island is located just below the Equator. Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with scenic beaches, deep jungles, steep mountains, and plenty of green fields. However, before visiting, it is beneficial to know about the weather and the best time to travel to this place. The peak season on the island is exactly when the summer season is in Europe and North America. This means that many people go on vacation during this time and hordes of tourists can be seen in the peak season in Bali, which is from June to September.

There are two main seasons in Bali: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season is humid, but not necessarily uncomfortable. There are occasional rains during the dry season, but they are very seldom. This season lasts from May to September. This is indeed the best time to visit Bali. In the rainy season, which lasts from October to April, the temperature can average around 30 degrees Celsius. This is not bad, but the high humidity levels and the short bursts of precipitations may not be enjoyable for some tourists. Storms occur quite often during this period of the year.

For surfing, the best period on the west coast starts in April and lasts until October. The only issue is that it can be crowded during this time. For the east coast, it begins in November and lasts until March. Read more about the best surfing spots in Bali.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are part of the attractions of the island. There are different festivals to attend, such as the one called Negara Bull Races, and many other traditional and cultural festivals.

Bali is a tropical destination, which means that the weather is pleasant most of the time. Despite this, there are some things that tourists have to consider regarding Bali weather and the best time to travel to the ‘Islands of God’.

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