It is indisputable that water is one of the most vital factors that living creatures cannot live without. It does not only help humans to survive, but it also plays an outstanding role in enhancing everyday life experiences by incorporating it in designs such as homes, offices, restaurants and more. When it comes to the private luxury villa design, whether the water feature is just a small pool or bathtub, it can create a huge positive impact to dwellers. Here are some of the best water features you will find in a luxury villa that will definitely take your breath away.

  1. Pool

Ocean’s 11 Villa

The pool is one of the main attractions in almost any accommodation. And for most villas, the pool is undoubtedly the highlight of all the facilities. Luxury villa rentals can have more than one pool and each of them comes in different sizes and style. Whether it is the classy infinity pool overlooking the majestic ocean or the modern turquoise tiles infinity pool with the underwater speakers system, they all serve the same purpose – indulging.

For those who travel with kids and concern about their safety and health, most villas are designed for families, so kids pool with proper depth and facilities are widely available.

  1. Jacuzzi

Villa Driftwood

If there is a poll for the most popular villa water features, Jacuzzi will definitely make it to the top list. A hot tub offers the most intimate and compelling relaxation for guests. You can choose to enjoy the sexy two-seaters jacuzzi experience – having an intimate time with your favourite wine and your special someone with stunning outdoor views.

If you are travelling in a group, having hot tub session is also an excellent group activity where you can chit chat and enjoy each other company. Otherwise, having a private me time in a hot tub with powerful jets massaging your back will not only help you to rejuvenate, but also reduce your muscles tension from your daily activities.

  1. Bathtub

Villa Kalipay

What makes a bathroom luxury? Some might say the design or some might argue it’s the quality of the bathroom furniture. But to be able to instantly distinguish the class of a bathroom, one will look for a bathtub.

One of the benefits of renting a private luxury villa, is that they come with a luxury soaking area where you can bath while enjoying the incredible views of the ocean from the tub. Bathtubs add the sense of luxury, whether it is a classic Victorian Style Bathtub or a sunken tub where you can forget all traditional tubs that you have ever seen.

For the travelling couple and lovebirds, an outdoor bathing area with open space design will give the sense of freedom and excitement, which will help spice up the love and romance.

  1. Rainshower

Source: Villa Fah Sai

A showerhead is a common equipment you will find anywhere – where there’s a shower room. But a rainshower is totally a different experience. Have you ever stood in the rain and felt the rain pouring into your head and body gently? If yes, you would be able to imagine how nice it feels. A rainshower gives the sense of relaxation and tranquility as the water slowly drops vertically from the shower head. It’s almost a dreamy experience.

  1. Steam Room

Villa Praana

A luxury villa offers many extravagant facilities that you might not be able to imagine that a single unit can offer this much – the sauna is no exception. As our article mainly focused on the water features, we didn’t include the close friend of the steam room which is sauna room. However, these heat rooms might have different methodology behind, but they give the same effects – relaxation, healing and rejuvenation.

The steam room at the villa boasts the utmost relaxation as you do not have to share the facility with others. You also have a full control over the temperature, humidity, brightness as well as the soundtrack which these factors will help enhance your health and safety.

  1. Cascades

Source: Casa Evaliza

The home water feature has many functions. For cascade, it plays a role of decoration as well as stress reducer. You can’t really deny that the soothing sound of running water can help calm your mood. Cascade is used to decorate living units as well as office building to provide a relaxing space. In-villa design, the usage of this water feature remain unchanged but adding more extravaganza to it with the sharp design and outstanding placement.

Cascade can be found in both indoor and outdoor. Some of the villas might offer the modern indoor cascade as part of the partition between the hallway and the dining area, while some villa might stick with the original concept of an outdoor cascade where nature and waterfall becomes one.

  1. Fountain

Source: Villa Jasmine
The fountain is another popular water feature where people will love to include in their living space since in the ancient time until today.

In some cultures, fountain means prosperity and wealth. The reason why it’s common to see fountain features in many luxury mansions and homes.

In-villa design, fountain plays as decoration that gives eyes a place to rest and ears to relax. It also improves the landscape view of the whole property, making it look spacious and lively as the fountain water dances.

  1. Koi Fish Pond

Villa Aurora

For those who seek the authentic zen feeling, Koi Fish pond will give you the ultimate tranquility. There is nothing that can outdo the sense of peacefulness that the living glimmering white, orange and black fish swimming in the charming zen pond can offer. Believe it or not, many ideas are happening at this fish pond  – when your mind’s at ease.

Many Koi fish pond is incorporated with other water features such as cascade and fountain, making it more majestic and magnifying the calming vibe in the living unit.