When you set your destination goal to Thailand, you probably have few in the list of things to do. Whether your to-do-activities include going to the tropical beaches of Phuket or see and experience the notorious nightlife of Bangkok, there is plenty of exotic things you can do to be able to say “Hey! I went to Thailand and I did this and it was awesome!”

#1 Get a Thai Massage

Thai massage is known globally as an alternative therapy as well as a way of relaxation. Getting a Thai massage is a must thing to do in Thailand because this is the place where you will find real skillful masseur/masseuse with real knowledge of Thai healing. Moreover, there are more for you to choose which mean you will get good service with good deal.

Where to go?

Thai massage treatment can be found everywhere in Thailand from spas, massage shops, at your hotels and resorts, private villas, or even by the beach – especially, if your destination is in the major tourist city such as Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, etc.

However, if you want the real deal, you should head to Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. There you will find the authentic Thai massage courses, where you can either take a class and become a masseur/masseuse or get one treatment for your relaxation. However, as a precaution, the original Thai massage can be a bit painful as it includes a lot of push, pull and stretch, make sure to tell your masseur/masseuse to go softer on you. Also read the importance and health benefits of massage when traveling.

#2 Ride an Elephant

Elephant is a symbol of Thailand and the country sure owes a lot to this giant animal mostly due to the assistance of elephants to the Thais in the past. These days, elephants become attraction for tourists to experience the majestic feeling to be on an elephant’s back.

Riding on an elephant’s back is a rare and exotic thing that is hardly find elsewhere. You might find this kind of adventure in some area of Laos or Cambodia, but in Thailand you will find it more often and more convenient.

Where to go?

You will find many elephant camps in main tourist destination in Thailand with different price range depending on the route and location. For example, in Phuket alone there are over 5 elephant camps for holidaymakers to enjoy the ride. Tour prices usually start from 800 THB/ person/hour but if the route of elephant’s walk is in the jungle, the price normally goes up.

#3 Try Thai Street Food

If you find Thai food delicious and enjoyable, you have to get to know it better by trying the street one. There is a bit of difference between Thai food from the restaurants and those from shops on the street. Of course, the first difference is the setting which will give you different feelings. Street food is more upbeat, energetic and changeable. At street food stands, you can enjoy various kinds of food without really have to put your finger on just one dish, as you can enjoy everything – from the flavourful Satay Pork to a delectable Pad Thai and refresh your throat with fresh smoothie. Also read must-try thai food when in Thailand.

Where to go?

Due to the convenience, the price and the taste, street food stalls can be found in almost every street corner and every province in Thailand. However, the best one and not to miss street food district has to be and always be in China Town (Yaowarat) in Bangkok. In China Town, you can enjoy the real deal of authentic Thai street food from hundreds of famous food stalls.

#4 Try Tropical Fruits

Thailand is considered to be a land of plenty – fruits, vegetables, grains – you name it, they are available all year round. That’s why it is a pity if you are in Thailand and you didn’t get a chance to try at least five tropical delicious fruits. The must-try tropical fruits in Thailand are raw mango (green), ripe mango, pineapple, watermelon, coconut and ripe papaya.

Where to go?

You can choose to try in a small portion by buying it from the fruit stalls where they will prepare all fruits in pieces – a ready to eat fruit – with the price starting at 10 THB.

For those who want to enjoy these fresh fruits in a large portion, you can also buy them as per kilo at the wet market or at any supermarket around your accommodation.

These days, fresh fruits are also available in convenient stores like 7-11 or family mart, making it easier for you to find one.

#5 See Crocodile Show

First we have to warn you that crocodile show is not for everyone. Sure that the show is entertaining but some might find it disturbing due to the horrific performance. However, it is still a show you shouldn’t miss because of its exotic and bizarre features that will make your adrenaline rush.

Where to go?

The most famous one is in Samut Prakan at Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and in Pattaya at The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm. However, you can also find crocodile show in some main tourist destination such as in Phuket at the Phuket Zoo and in Koh Samui Crocodile Farm.

#6 Visit Thai Temples

Thai temples are a real gem of Thai heritage where you will find the beauty of Thai culture, arts and architecture. In addition, local lifestyle is also something you could see in Thai temple. You can observe how Thais pay respect to the Buddha images, giving alms and making merit.

Where to go?

You can find temples everywhere in Thailand but the famous ones are always Wat Phra Kaew (the Temple of Emerald Buddha), Wat Pho and Wat Arun (the Temple of the Dawn). These are the three that you have to visit to see the stunning beauty of Buddhist arts and architectures.

If you are in Phuket and have no plan to visit Bangkok yet, don’t worry because Phuket also has a Big Buddha on Nakkerd Hills, between Chalong and Kata, and Chalong Temple which are very stunning with the immense sizes of the Buddha as well as the beautiful arts at the temple.

#7 Take Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is a fun and challenging way to travel around. Just imagine a warm breeze touching your face while riding on Tuk Tuk, how awesome can it be. Tuk Tuk will allow you to get in touch with the open environment of the city and the people.

You will find that each city and province in Thailand has its Tuk Tuks’ identity which they might be a bit different from place to place. The standard mainstream one that you will find in Bangkok will look like a tricycle motorbike which can accommodate up to three people.

Where to find?

Tuk Tuk can be found in many provinces in Thailand, however; the popular one with unique identity will be in Bangkok and Ayutthaya.

#8 Take a Long-tail Boat Ride

A long-tail boat is a charming way of transportation you can use to explore your destination in Thailand. This watercraft is charming because it is exotic and native as it belongs to the heritage of people in the Southeast Asia. Thai people call long-tail boat as Rua Hang Yao and it is crafted to carry passengers in the sea or river.

Where to find?

You can find long-tail boat in canal tours in Bangkok, while in beach destination such as Samui and Phuket, you will find these boats in sea, used for island tours and snorkelling tours.

#9 Visit Floating Market

Floating market is famous among Thais as Thai people love shopping for good food and fresh products and at floating market, you will usually find all of the mentions.

Floating market or Talad Nam is basically a market by the river. Originally, floating market is a place where people will sail to and sell their products that they grew and made by themselves so it is basically like a farmer market. However, these days there are not many of the original kind left due to the popularity.

Where to find?

There are many new floating markets opening in and around Bangkok. Also there is an attempt in many tourist cities such as in Ayutthaya, to create the manmade floating attraction to attract more visitors.

However, the famous one at the moment has to be Amphawa Floating Market in Samut Songkhram Province as the market sits by the beautiful river of Mae Klong and some of the shops are selling food, noodle or even grilled seafood from the wooden boat.

#10 See Muay Thai Fight

Another world renowned Thai heritage is Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. It may not be for everyone, but it is exciting to see boxers fight, especially when they fight in an original way of Thai boxing arts. For decades, Muay Thai has been attracting many foreigners to experience the adrenaline rush of this thrilling sport. You can choose to just watch the match or learn the technique and be a Muay Thai figher.

Where to go?

The most famous place to enjoy this sport is at Ratchadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, fights are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. You can also enjoy the fight in Samui and in Phuket at Phet Buncha Samui and some several more and Bangla Boxing Stadium, respectively.