5 Important Points To Consider Before Booking A Luxury Villa

Selecting the proper luxury villa to set the stage for your vacation can be a bit of a task. While some Villa Owners may be a bit sensitive about sharing photos of their villa – a case managers, representatives, and agents have to respect – there should be at least a decent amount of photography and description to look through.

While renting a luxury villa is a concept that has long existed, for many it can be a new experience. For those used to staying at hotels, where the reservation and stay is a familiar process, renting a luxury villa can seem like a whole different experience. Just like the finest of 5 star hotels, luxury villas are fully equipped with every amenity for opulence and comfort: cinema room, games room, infinity pool, private spa, tennis court, astounding natural landscapes and much more, all for your exclusive enjoyment. To provide the ideal experience, quality villas include wonderful staff who can assist you with every detail of the trip, from reservation to check out.

If you are looking to book a private luxury villa, but want a bit more information on it before making your selection, what to do? How to cut through the smoke and mirrors of advertising and deceptive photography. We’ve taken the time to write a few points about how to make the very best selection and security when booking a villa – what to look out for, telltale signs of quality or neglect, and more.

1. Reviews & Ratings


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One of the very best resources when choosing a luxury villa is to explore the reviews written by others who have experienced the villa firsthand. Reading the first hand reports of fellow guests who have previously stayed in a specific villa can give a wealth of knowledge and a detailed run through of everything you need to know, from the perspective of a guest.

Reviews are a great way to cut through all the advertising present and get an honest opinion, on the good and the bad features of any particular villa. Flipkey & TripAdvisor are 2 popular websites where you can read genuine reviews.

2. Customer Service

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The customer service of any villa or representative is a key element in providing a comfortable, enjoyable experience. Before selecting a villa, it is a great idea to take a look at the customer service they offer. How easy is the staff to reach? Do they respond quickly and diligently to all questions and concerns? Are they helpful and knowledgeable? These are all important questions.

Before making final reservations, get in contact with the customer service department and establish a rapport – ensure you are satisfied with the quality of their customer service.

3. The Website


Take a good look at the website when booking a villa. Oftentimes the site can be indicative of the overall quality of the entire operation: look for professionalism, quality information about the villa, and ideally extensive photography and description. Some websites may feature advanced interactive tours, floor plans, special offer, lists of services and much more. Quality websites even have Blogs or Travel Guide for the surrounding area and destination. Pursue the villas website to get the most information possible and ensure everything is as advertised.

4. The Management

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Who are you dealing with? Whether it’s an agency, a direct owner, a property manager or representative, it’s crucial to know the people behind the booking process. Linkedin is your best bet to search for professional profiles of people behind any business.

5. Insurance

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To ensure peace of mind against any damages, injuries, or reservation problems, make sure that an extensive travel insurance plans are offered. This is an absolute must if you’re looking to ease all the worries and put all your focus on having an incredible dream vacation.

Furthermore, make sure to read and review the Terms & Conditions of the villa you are interested of renting. Specific details like cancellation, early check-in and late check-out, and security deposit, are not to be missed to avoid problems and misunderstanding before and during your stay.

Darrel Bella

Darrel Bella

Darrel Bella is the Managing Partner at The Luxury Signature. He is often traveling between the islands of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bali. Connect with Darrel via Linkedin, or Email
Darrel Bella

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