There is no doubt that Phuket has some of the best beaches that you will ever come across. Apart from the well known beaches in Phuket island, there are a number of other havens that are only known to few. They are therefore less explored and offer more calm and tranquil atmosphere to relax in. If you are up for some small beach hunting adventure, the following are must-discover places in the island:


Kalim Beach

It is a rocky beach located north of the famous Patong Beach. It is one of the best destinations for surfers in Phuket during the low season. Kalim Beach is also good for snorkeling at high tide. The beach is less exploited and retains some local Thai touch. There is a small street market where you can enjoy delicacies such as noodle soup, Thai ice creams, roti and many more. You will also find a number of nice dining places such as White Box, Aqua, Brush and Lim where you can enjoy different cuisines.


Layan Beach

This is a very calm beach located at the northern end of the popular Bantago Beach. The beach retains much of its natural look and is preferred by Thai and expats. The beautiful tall pine trees at the border of the beach offers good shade where you can take refuge when the sun becomes too hot. The calm and tranquil environment is partly due to the shelter it gets from Koh Kala Island on its northern end. You can rent a Kayak and go around the Island. There is a restaurant at the beginning of the beach where you can enjoy local and western cuisines at fair prices. You will also come across a sea rescue centre, shop, toilet and shower rooms where you can take a shower before you leave.


Tri Tra Beach

Tri Tra Beach is a less known heaven even to the locals. It is the best place for peaceful sunbathing. Unlike the other beaches with shade palms, this one has rough grass and hinter beach vegetation. There is a nearby restaurant where you can go for shade and snacks. It is located southwest of Patong near Merlin Beach Resort.


Ya Nui Beach

It is located near Phrom Thep and the white Windmill which are some of the most spectacular viewpoints in Phuket. It has beautiful soft sand and is one of the best destinations for fishing, kayaking and snorkeling. Just 700 meters from the beach is a beautiful small island called Koh Keyao Noi. You can hire a kayak and visit the island as well as the nearby Nai Harn. Children will love collecting shells at the beach. To get there, you can descend from Phrom Thep viewpoint or drive south over the hill from Nai Harm past the propeller viewpoint.


Ao Sane Beach

It is a rocky beach situated at the southwest coast of Phuket. It offers the best destination for snorkeling and diving though not many people know about it. Its perimeter has a cover of trees offering shade at all times though there are enough spaces to allow sunbathing. To get there from Nai Harn Beach, use the road under the Yatch Club Le RoyalPhuket and head over the hill where you will come across a parking lot. You can decide to park there and walk down though it’s also possible to drive downhill.


Ao Yon Beach

This is an all time sparkling beach with white sand, twinkling waves in the sunlight and beautiful overhanging coconut palms that face the gorgeous blue sea. There is a stream with ice cold water that runs down a waterfall at the west end of the beach. You can relax under the coconut trees or enjoy many other activities at the beach depending on how you feel. To get there, take Tripetch Farm road over the hill and you will find yourself at Ao Yon Junior where you can park and walk or drive on if you feel like it.


Freedom Beach

It is located in the west coast of Phuket. The beach has white sand with granite rocks sprinkled on the sand. Its perimeter is covered by a thick jungle which makes its accessibility a problem though the situation has improved greatly in the recent past. Here, you can enjoy snorkeling and play beach games such as soccer and volleyball. You can get there by boat from Patong beach or travel by road at the southern end of Patong Bay.

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