What is a Villa?

Villa is originally a Roman term used in the past to define luxury houses that rich Romans (nobles) were using for escaping the routine and for relaxation. These estates were usually constructed on beautiful landscapes, with vineyards, fountains, gardens and pools. The function and idea of a villa evolved considerably from becoming a small farming compounds and re-evolved through the middle ages into an elegant upper-class country homes.

In the modern world, a villa can refer to a various type and sizes of residences or homes that can be rented seasonally for vacations or holidays. They are sometimes referred to as ‘holiday homes’ or ‘vacation rentals’.

Luxury Villas

Luxury villas are luxury houses of the elite and rich people usually built as a second home. They can range from 1 bedroom up to 20 bedrooms, built in some of the most stunning locations complete with amenities and facilities such as pools, gardens, vineyards, spacious balconies, tennis courts, gyms, cinema rooms, and more.  The rooms are stuffed with elegant and expensive furniture, artworks and appliances. A luxury villa will not be complete without the dedicated staff to serve its tenants and guests. These properties can worth more than one million dollars and more. The surroundings and locations are taken into consideration when the value is estimated. Read more about qualities of luxury villas here.

Luxury Villa Rentals

Luxury villa rentals constitute an alternative to hotels for anyone who can afford a luxury vacation. This alternative is considered better than a hotel, especially because people who rent it can have more privacy, more freedom and better comfort. Some villa owners make their villa available for rental all year round, while others occasionally use them as a vacation home. Luxury villas can be rented on a short term or long term contract.

How to Secure a Booking

Booking a luxury villa is completely different from booking a hotel room. The process is done manually, from the time of inquiry, processing of payment and deposits, follow up before guests arrivals, and so on. So if a certain villa caught your interest, the first thing you would do is to inquire about availability, rates, not forgetting the terms and conditions. Once the villa is confirmed available and you have agreed with the rental rates and its terms, a contract must be signed and payment must be done. The villa manager or villa concierge will then coordinate and communicate with you for any additional or special requirements and requests during your stay at the villa. Whether it is about booking a tour, chartering a yacht, renting a car, or having a massage at the villa, it can all be arranged prior to your arrival.

Finding the Right Villa

If you are new in the villa rental process, make sure to conduct a thorough research. Ask yourself some questions such as ‘What’s my budget’, ‘Who am I traveling with’, ‘Is the location of the villa suitable for my family and kids?’. Read reviews about the villa, get to know the owner or its representative, be attentive to their professionalism in handling your booking or inquiries. Click the links below for more tips:

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