If you have visited the island of Koh Samui, you know very well that these photos below are just a few of the many things that make Koh Samui a wonderful place for any holidaymakers. If you have not been to the island, this is your chance to add it to your bucket list and schedule a trip.


1. White Beaches

The world-class beaches of Koh Samui are outstandingly amazing, coconut trees swaying, fine white sand, and crystal clear water. They just provide about all the beauty of an island and nature one can imagine.

Image: kosamui.com

2. Sunset Display

Koh Samui has spectacular sunset viewing sites characterized by peaceful auras, quiet and ambient romantic sceneries that provide amazing sites for pictures and watching. The arresting sunset views are so sensational that they create warm vivid memories that never go away.

Image: wildandaway.com

3. Ang Thong National Marine Park

An archipelago comprising 42 islands with gorgeous geography, towering limestone mountains, white-sand beaches, rich mangroves, waterfalls and wonderful coves to explore. A wide variety of wildlife, birds, and amazing sea creatures are found here.

4. World-class Golf Courses

Golf courses in Koh Samui are promptly available in strikingly unique and stunning landscape and hillside settings. The most renowned and famous championship rendering an 18-hole course aiming only for excellence and brilliance is superb. You get to have sensational fun and at the same time learn and improve your golfing skills.

Image: samuigolf.net

5. Hotels & Resorts

Koh Samui has no shortage when it comes to 5-star hotels and luxury resorts ranging from small luxury boutique brands to the biggest hotel brands in the world. Whether you are looking for beachfront accommodations or on a hilltop overlooking the ocean, you can find it on the island.

Image: internationaltraveller.com

6. Villas & Homes

Koh Samui luxury villas and homes rental are sumptuously designed to render the joy of feeling private, luxurious, exquisite, stylish, and comfortable. They are spacious enough to accommodate guests ranging from singles, couples, to families. They have top-class rooms fitted with spectacular furniture and all other modern amenities to satisfy every guest’s needs.

Image: Villa Anavaya

7. Temples

Koh Samui is home to numerous old Temples and outstanding artifacts including the famous mummified bodies of the profoundly honored monks, Big Buddha, and Lamai. Get to experience the amazing views of the magnificent 18-arm image of Guanyin (the Goddess of mercy), the beautiful shrines, and the adorable small ornate Buddhas.

Image: thepackist.com

8. Activities

There are all kinds of water activities to explore; diving, surfing, snorkeling, sailing and boating are enjoyed here. If you are not a beach person, read about what to do and see in Koh Samui other than the beach.

Image: kohsamuitips.com

9. Food

You get to enjoy delicious foods of all kinds, ranging from western foods to local Thai food from the great restaurants that are readily accessible and prompt; you get to know and interact with the very hospitable and welcoming locals, chill out on beach mats, and enjoy candlelight dining.

10. Night Life

Koh Samui offers the best nightlife with enough entertainment venues from beer bars to live music bars to discos. Night activities are mostly set in the streets in the town center where numerous joints are located.

Image: kosamui.com