As an island paradise, one of Koh Samui’s most cherished resources is its vast, incredibly beautiful coastline speckled with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Let’s take a look at a few of Koh Samui’s finest beach offerings.


Chaweng Beach is a place unlike any other. One of the most gorgeous beaches to be found on the island is ensconced by a wonderful tapestry of resorts, nightlife, restaurants, markets, commercial developments and more. Without a doubt one of the most popular areas in all of Koh Samui, Chaweng Beach is a fantastic destination for party seekers and beachgoers alike – often, the two are fused seamlessly!

With its 5-kilometer white sandy beach, Chaweng provides plenty of room for everyone paying a visit to the ocean. For surfing, water sports, relaxing on the beach or taking a gentle swim, this beach truly provides it all. The warm shallow waters just off the coast provide a great setting for swimming for all ages, with very soft and forgiving sandy seabed with few rocks to beware of.


Also a fairly developed resort beach, Lamai is perhaps Chaweng’s slightly less populated cousin. Not quite as developed or frequented as Chaweng, Lamai is no less astounding in its natural beauties or inviting in its waters. Wonderfully pristine, the sparkling clear waters of Lamai perfectly compliment the picturesque white sand, stretching long and lazily over the shore. This is a fantastic place to swim, explore some water sports, or have a gentle and relaxing time soaking up the sun, sand and surf.

Although just next to some major commercial developments, Lamai beach provides a very laid back and almost private atmosphere. The beautiful and pristine coastline is truly a sight to behold.


Bophut is a wonderful spot for play and relaxation. With 2 kilometers of brilliant white sandy coastline, delicately framed by coconut palms and bordered by the calm waters of the sea. Although the water is calm and easy to swim in, the water can at times be quite murky and is sometimes considered a sub-par swimming spot. For relaxing on the beach, however, Bophut is nearly second to none, with an atmosphere of seclusion and beauty rare in a popular beach.

Unlike Chaweng or Lamai, the focus as Bophut is not geared towards resort development. It is a wonderful place, family friendly and an excellent destination for lovers and honeymoons. Situated near the historical and interesting Fisherman’s Village, Bophut Beach is sure to provide something for everyone who visits its shores.


For anyone looking for a truly secluded, elegant and unspoiled beach experience, Lipa Noi is an amazing selection. To truly get the authentic experience of an unspoiled tropical paradise, one must go away from the fanciful resort developments and bustling markets which tend to throng along some of Koh Samui’s more populous beaches.

Although dotted by a few bungalows, luxury villas such as Villa Akatsuki, and a restaurant or three, Lipa Noi is relatively empty of much human activity. This distance from the hustle and bustle gives Lipa Noi its distinctive atmosphere of peace, tranquility and immersion within a pristine natural wonderland. The fine white sands of Lipa Noi are plentiful along its expansive coast, virtually free of any rocks or coral. A wonderful place for snorkeling, swimming, or water sports, Lipa Noi is perfect for swimmers of all strengths and people of all ages. The warm shallow waters remain low enough for most people to walk up to 100 meters out past shore, given the right tidal conditions.

Perhaps a bit off the beaten trail, the beach at Lipa Noi is indeed the main and almost the only attraction in the area. But it is truly a sight worthy of beholding, and a beach going experience that will remain with all of its guests forever.


A five-kilometer long beach popular for surfers, Maenam beach can be found in the northern coastline of Koh Samui, west of Bo Phut. The beach is located close to Samui’s finest golf course; Santiburi Golf and Country Club and nearby the Maenam Pier with ferries to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Maenam beach is a perfect holiday destination for the entire family if you want to just relax without the loud music from bars and clubs.

During the time when tourists just started to explore the island, this was one of the few beaches where you can find hotels by the beach.


There are three beaches that you can explore in the southern part of Koh Samui; Thong Krut, Hua Thanon, and Bang Kao. If you’re not staying in this side of the island, you may consider having a day trip to these three beaches. On your way, you can visit few other places like the Tiger Zoo, Samui Aquarium, Waterfall, Monkey Show, Temple, and etc. For more information about Koh Samui day tours and packages, you may visit