(Updated 26 October 2021) Koh Samui is among the finest destinations in the world for a blissful holiday. There are top-notch restaurants, luxurious villas, resorts, and hotels, the best pristine white sand beaches, and the best weather, among several other fine things, that the island is famously known for. Whether you are here for a weekend holiday or have the luxury of staying for a long with ultimate privacy and seclusion, the island is ideally perfect. Here are some of the best areas where you can find a luxury villa to rent on the island of Samui.


Photo: The Koh Samui Guide

This beach is also referred to as the Fisherman Village. It exudes a bohemian feeling and is unique with its charming and relaxed atmosphere and antique houses. The beach offers amazing assortments of Thailand and international cuisine. Bophut is an amazing place to spend your holiday, far from the crowd in a lovely village full of luxurious villas and restaurants. There are a few holiday apartments in the area with most private villas and home accommodations located in the hills, a five-minute drive from the village, offering spectacular views of the village, the sea, and the Koh Phangnan Island.


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This is undoubtedly the most popular destination in Koh Samui. Chaweng features the longest beach in Koh Samui and is ten minutes away from Samui Airport, and the busiest and liveliest place. It is located on the eastern part of Koh Samui, offering everything that you need for a complete holiday experience in Thailand. The white sandy beach and the clear blue waters are not unique, but the private luxurious villas, five-star hotels, and renowned restaurants make the beach very popular. Chaweng boasts an array of villas for rent to enjoy everything on the island including the nightlife blend of music, shows, and dance.


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In terms of the number of hotels and residents, Lamai is the second tourist spot. The beach stretches 3km with several eating and drinking venues and an array of souvenirs, clothing, and coffee shops available. Lamai is a pleasant mixture of an old-school bohemian beach town and a vibrant upbeat tourist area. The accommodation in Lamai ranges from bungalows to high-end hotels, but Lamai villas are definitely the best places to stay. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to renting a villa. You can find one close to the beach or further inland. The beach is half an hour from the Samui Airport via a shuttle tide and benefits from the proximity of the lively Chaweng.


Photo: The Koh Samui Guide

This is a long stretch on the northern coast of Koh Samui. It stretches for up to 4km with a cosmopolitan feel and opened restaurants and cafes. There is an array of villas for rent to choose from. The surrounding area features cheap restaurants, modern shophouses, and convenience stores.

Lipa Noi

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This beach offers a serene ambiance with astonishing sunsets over Marine Park. It is a residential area with a few hotels and boutique spas and resorts. The beach is located on the West coast of Koh Samui, a 10-minute ride with a ferry from the port of Nathon, and is 35km from Samui Airport. The luxurious villas in Lipa Noi provide you with a quiet atmosphere, far from the party life on other beaches. The remoteness of the beach makes it very popular for regular visitors who come in large numbers.

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