February 2018The Luxury Signature is the proud recipient of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2018; winning the highly competitive and much-coveted category of Villas Rent Service in Asia. This industry acknowledgement of excellence and outstanding achievement in the world of luxury services is true international recognition of the high standing of The Luxury Signature brand within the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

Delivering customized villa vacation experiences, with only the crème de la crème of villa rentals professionally handpicked, The Luxury Signature has been championed as a winner at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards because of its promise to deliver to customers a personalized stay with the highest level of luxury villas and individual concierge booking services available; features which loyal clients truly appreciate.

Independently evaluated, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards assess luxury businesses across 50 countries. Adding to their worth is the fact that the judges’ panel is made up of experts from various luxury markets, from business owners to media partners, as well as individuals with an in-depth knowledge of niche areas of the luxury sector and business areas such as travel and hospitality. With a nine-year history and with over 40 categories, being able to claim one of the awards is a real coup and is a great way to prove to our discerning, high-net-worth clients that The Luxury Signature has quality, service, and passion at its core.

This is not the first time that The Luxury Signature has been heralded a success at the awards either, with a win at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Asia for National Brand of Hong Kong. The 2018 award is welcome confirmation that The Luxury Signature is still moving in the right direction as the best villa rental specialists in the region. Our client focus means we find the best villa based on your preferences, the environment and ambiance you are looking for as well as who you are traveling with and why. We consider the location and setting that suits you, offering a holistic approach to creating vacation experiences in the best villas in Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia. We also offer the most magical chalet stays in Japan’s powder capital of the world, the stunning ski resort destination of Niseko.

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