Aside from looking fantastic, with amazing settings and fabulous views, you can enjoy some wonderful things to do in your luxury vacation villa, some of which you may not have even considered. It is these special experiences that elevate and enhance your holiday, creating unforgettable memories of a gorgeous getaway.

Booking one of our villas come with the services of our Guest Experience specialists who will gladly assist you in making your stay extra memorable with these clever ideas. Here are 14 reasons you may want to book a luxury villa stay, from inviting guest chefs to unforgettable surprise parties:

1. Savor dishes by local culinary talents

A chef meticulously garnishing a steak. Image:

Private dining extraordinaire, with romantic or family-style dining with a special menu of your favorite foods. You could also invite a guest chef to create high-end dishes that you have never tried for an extravagantly delicious foodie experience.

2. Unwind with in-villa spa treats

The blissful ambience of Villa Akatsuki’s  private spa room

What better way to fully embrace a chilled-out vacation by the sea in a tropical locale than a blissful massage or other therapeutic treatment; let your mind, body, and beyond feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a spa treat as the sun goes down. Some villas even have their own spa room too!

3. Eat popcorn in your private cinema

Villa Amarapura‘s top-notch private cinema room experience

All luxury villas have impressive facilities, and a few even have their own movie theatre where you can escape the heat of the day and snuggle down with a matinee or enjoy a night spent in front of the big screen with luxurious seating.

4. Go skinny-dipping in your infinity pool

As far as your eyes can see. The stunning view from Ocean 11 Villa‘s infinity pool.

Make the most of the fact that you and your travel companions are the villa’s only guests and enjoy total privacy by feeling free to do as you please; whether cooling off in your pool in the buff or simply stretching out in the water and feeling at one with the world.

5. Detox and recharge

Take a soothing dip in Villa Yang Som‘s outdoor jacuzzi

Vacations traditionally used to be about over-indulgence, but a villa stay is the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep, feel refreshed, and add some balance into your life, with great food, activities, and fun times too. Luxury is leisure time and feeling good.

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6. Enjoy couple time without worrying about the kids

Nanny services and kids’ activities can be arranged for groups with young ones.

Memorable moments and happiness shared with loved ones are what life is all about. Couples can hire a sitter to look after kids so they enjoy a night out, while the rest of the time families can eat, relax, and have fun together both at the villa and out exploring each destination; an ideal stay for different generations to feel at home in one place.

Check out these wonderful private villa activities guaranteed to bring the family together.

7. Pose for a professional photoshoot

A fun-filled family photoshoot courtesy of Ammata’s Eyes photography.

Capture your villa experience with professionally taken photographs that are instant Instagram hits, with the stunning backdrop of an infinity pool, a panoramic seascape or perhaps a coastal vista with a mysterious green landscape; striking a pose in glamorous villa rooms with designer furnishings and a picture that portrays a million-dollar lifestyle.

8. Vacation to your own surround-sound playlist

Whether you are lounging by the pool, taking it easy in the shade luxuriating on your outdoor sofa, sat in your whirlpool or enjoying a sunset cocktail having the tunes you love playing out of a state-of-the-art music system is one of the coolest, exciting villa experiences.

Most villas feature built-in sound systems that you can control from your personal device; from hip-hop to opera, being surrounded by music adds ambiance and energy, making you feel simply fantastic as you pump up the volume. 

9. Dine in al fresco luxury wherever you like

A splendid BBQ dinner at the villa’s beachfront lawn.

If you do not want to go to a restaurant, why not bring the restaurant to you and decide not only when you want to eat, but where. Dining outdoors, with a cool ocean breeze, is the ultimate holiday treat whether your table is on a poolside terrace, under a garden sala, on the beach with your feet in the sand or maybe on the rooftop under the stars. 

10. Create your own sundowner with a mixologist session

Get the cocktail shaker at the ready with a fun lesson from a bartending drinks expert who can show you how to make your favorite classics, as well as design your own unique concoctions or make drinks that look like works of art.

11. Do a sun salutation with a private pool-terrace yoga class

A yoga class session with a breathtaking view at Villa Praana

Start your morning giving thanks to the sun and limbering up your body for a not-so-hard day of relaxing and enjoying yourself with some yogic breathing and stretching exercises; meditative and magnificently strengthening, yoga makes you feel positive and instills a sense of wellbeing.

12. Burn your vacation calories with a PT in your private villa gym

Villa Analaya‘s fully-equipped fitness room

With your own fitness equipment there waiting for you there is no excuse not to work up a sweat with an energizing workout to start or end your day. Hiring a personal trainer is a great way focus your energy on reaching a target in a private space where you do not have to wait for machines to be free.

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13. Cook-up some culinary creations with a chef masterclass

Young guests get learn local cooking tricks from the villa chef.

Imagine being in Thailand and taking home a recipe to recreate a Thai dish that you love, with all those moreish Asian flavors, or perhaps learning how to make a traditional Indonesian supper during a stay in a luxury villa in Bali; cooking is wonderfully relaxing. and being able to learn from a skilled chef in a beautiful villa setting is perfection.

14. Conspire with us to pull off a surprise party 

From birthdays to anniversaries, proposals to honeymoons or a family reunion – life is about celebrations, and occasions are made special with a party by your villa pool, or perhaps on the lawn or even in the open-plan living space of your sumptuous villa; the villa rental team can help with flowers, balloons, live music and entertainment from DJs to magic shows and more.