Taking a break to recharge your batteries, reassess your life, and release a new sense of purpose; the meaning behind luxury vacations in 2018 goes way beyond indulgence and taps into wellness that goes right to your core. While you may want to simply relax and have fun in the sun, a villa vacation rental can become an inspirational retreat that transforms your whole being; now that is a holiday of a lifetime.

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” J. Stanford (Author)

What Is Wellness?

Essentially, wellness is about achieving a healthy body and mind. It is not simply about being in good physical condition, but also about mental fitness and social ease where you can connect with others, and yourself with confidence; holistic well-being that affects every part of your mind, body, and beyond. Wellness is not static and involves active and dynamic awareness and action that relates to personal growth and development as a balanced person. In other words, wellness is about inner contentment and feeling happy with who you are, what you are about, and where you are heading. The right setting and vacation villa can inspire positive change and give you the space and environment to recalibrate on a deeper level. Learn more about wellness and the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

Do You Need To Enhance Wellness In Your Life?

Why do you want to take a vacation? Do you feel in need of time off? Do you need to de-stress or rethink some strategies related to work or life? Maybe you want to reset your lifestyle, boost your energy levels or gain some clarity. A luxury villa vacation could be exactly what you need to focus on relationships with loved ones, as well as yourself. Feeling the sun on your face in an island paradise such as Koh Samui and Phuket in Thailand or on the Indonesian island of Bali is wonderful and with a villa oasis, you can enhance wellness in your life leading to a renewed zest for life and living that life to the full. Whether you need a full mental and physical overhaul or simply want to fine-tune your lifestyle, a gorgeous villa can encourage a whole new way of being.

How To Find A Vacation Villa That Inspires Wellness

Wellness is individual and personal and this needs to be reflected in where you stay on a holiday away. This means finding a unique villa stay that is private and perfectly fits your needs. To do this you need to consider several different elements.

Meditative Setting: From beachfront to clifftop with views out over an expanse of ocean, and rainforest surroundings; the location, villa grounds, and views are all-important to wellness. The perfect vista inspires peaceful contemplation and can be as refreshing as meditating as you let busy thoughts and anxieties dissolve. Part of this is feeling that you are in your own private hideaway villa where you have enough time and space to be yourself. Luxury affords spacious privacy.

In-Villa Features: There is something innately pleasurable and intimately nurturing about taking a dip in your own infinity pool, especially with views out over the blue sea across to the horizon. Some villas boast their own spa too with therapists offering holistic therapy from massage to facials so you can relax on a whole other level. Meanwhile, a fully equipped gym provides that much-needed balance to days of lounging by the pool, injecting the body with some adrenalin and keeping you fit so that lethargy does not kick in. An in-villa cinema and an entertainment room can also encourage you to take it easy.

Mindful Living: It seems to be a default setting that we spend a lot of our lives thinking about the past as well as deliberating on the future, with not enough time focused on the here and now. A truly luxurious vacation villa is one that brings you back to the present time by creating a vacation lifestyle that consists of special moments in which you are fully engaged. You may wake to a glorious sunrise or marvel at a stunning sunset over the western shores of an idyllic coastal landscape. A spectacular vista, alfresco lounging and dining as well as your own private chef and concierge enable you to really let go and live in the ‘now’ with a villa space that extends outdoors and a vacation lifestyle that instills a feeling of flowing energy.

Energizing Activities: Wellness comes from learning how to unwind and from being surrounded by wonderful villa features in an incredible setting. It is also vital that part of your wellness path is keeping your body and mind active with things to see and do. Trying new activities and learning new skills, and venturing just outside your comfort zone can prove to be a reviving tonic; one that not only keeps you fit but also has the potential to change your perspective and your attitudes to yourself, others, and life itself.

Aesthetic Pleasure: The smallest attention to detail can provoke a sense of contentment, whether that be a gorgeously deep bathtub, a rain shower in the garden or a water feature. Luxury villas are beautifully designed and styled in a way that impacts how you feel. Contemporary minimalism with lots of natural light can be enlightening and refreshing whilst a modern villa with a traditional style can evoke a strong sense of authenticity. The best villas to inspire wellness are those that soothe the senses and create an oasis of gentle relaxation and comfort.

Breathtaking Villa: Whilst a villa may seem like a bricks-and-mortar property, it really is not that simple. Luxury villas take on a life of their own with the architecture, design and décor plus outdoor spaces and layout really defining the atmosphere and ambiance. An outstanding villa may look breathtaking but more than this, it is the feeling of freedom, space and possibility that it promises that makes all the difference.

Our Top 3 Recommended Wellness Villas:

Wellness is a journey that begins with a luxury villa destination. Here are our top 3 wellness villas recommendation that will surely not disappoint.

1. Villa Amarapura, Phuket

2. Villa Horizon, Phuket

3. Villa Akatsuki, Koh Samui